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    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for everyone's warm wishes and advice from last posts. Time for an update. We had his IEA hearing last Tuesday. We were very proud of difficult child. After telling us that he was fine and going to be out after his hearing, difficult child stepped up to the plate when in front of the judge. difficult child's attorney asked him if he needed to stay in or if he was safe to go home. difficult child looked down, looked at us, and then looked at the judge and said "I think I need to stay in longer until they have my medications right." We were all (me, SO, and biomom) so proud of him for owning up and being honest. We hugged him afterward and told him that. He hugged me and said, I need to so I'm not so hard on you when I get home!

    When we (SO, me, and easy child) visited on friday night they had us sign the extension for difficult child to stay in the psychiatric hospital past 10 days. They are reporting that he is extremely irritable both on the unit and during group sessions. He had to be sent back to the unit during one of the group sessions due to melting down (after being redirected SEVERAL times for being irritable and over controlling). We told them "welcome to our world!" He had a 6 hr pass on Sat and a 6 hr pass on Sun. His biomom took him (alone, no easy child) on Sat and reported that he was great! SO pointed out that difficult child was one-on-one and without easy child. Sure enough, when we had him on Sun, he had a melt down over his gameboy (after he played me and SO off of each other) and he was constantly controling and irritable with easy child. He was also very grouchy and was not happy the whole time!

    psychiatric hospital took blood tests and found out the Equetro was not at the levels it needed to be (the reading was 2.1-3.1 and it needed to be 6.1) so they are increasing that. THey added Tenex to help with the hyperactivity. They told us today that they are (finally!!) taking him off of the seroquel and putting him on Abilify. Now, he was already on Abilify and it ended up wearing we will see with this new combo (Tenex, Equetro, Abilfy) how that works....

    Why is it when difficult child's are in the psychiatric hospital, they always look unwashed and they wear the same clothes over and over, even though we gave them plenty of clothing???? Weird!
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    Hi! I'm not familiar with your previous post, but just scanning through this one- it sounds like a lot has been revealed through difficult child's current situation.

    1) He really isn't in control of current irritability and meltdowns.
    2) He realizes it and doesn't want it to be that way.
    3) He's willing to accept help and try to help himself.
    4) He feels something for his family and realizes that what he does effects them and wants to try to improve it.

    WOW!! You should be very proud and happy!!:D
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    Thank you for the update. It was very mature for your difficult child to admit he needed further inpatient treatment. Tell him his board aunties are very proud of him!!!
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    For him to have made such a mature decision when he is in an unsettled state is really amazing. I hope that bodes well for the future. So many of our difficult children can't "see" that they need help but your son does. Great!