psychiatrist appointment today.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Californiablonde

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    I am going to see a brand new psychiatrist after work today. My last one gave up on me and told me he can no longer help me. I hope this one has a few tricks up his sleeve and can find some way to get rid of this damned anxiety. My mom wanted to go with me but I insisted she stay home. I do NOT want her there! So I am going and am hopeful but not too hopeful. If this one says he can't do anything for me I have nowhere else to turn. I joined a great online bipolar support group and they are very very helpful. I feel like it's my therapy. I can say anything I want to there and they all know how I feel. They do not judge me, unlike a lot of my other friends so. So this group is a godsend. But I still need help with my medicines to finally get me stable. Wish me luck.
  2. InsaneCdn

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    Hope it goes well...
  3. busywend

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    Good luck!!
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    Good luck!
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    Hope it went well!
  6. Californiablonde

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    He gave me Xanax. I was too afraid to take it until now but he talked me into it. Since taking Klonopin and getting my DUI I was paranoid to take any type of benzo, even if it was only at night. psychiatrist assured me that Xanax has a short half life and that if I took at 6:00 at night with my other pills, it would be completely out of my system by the time I had to drive at 6:30 the next morning. So I trusted him and took one last night. It totally relaxed me and I slept like a baby. I drove easy child to school and took myself to work and I drove just fine. So I am going to stick with the Xanax. He also took me off Remeron which made me gain 25 pounds. Hopefully the weight will start coming back off again soon. All in all I am very happy with the appointment. I think he's a keeper.
  7. busywend

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    Sounds like progress!
  8. Californiablonde

    Californiablonde Well-Known Member

    I only wish I could take it during the day. My anxiety is something awful today with what the kids put me through this morning. Can't wait till six p.m. when I can take one.