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    We saw psychiatrist today. therapist was going to call him about potentially having another psychiatrist consult.

    I decided we are going to wait. this is difficult child's last year in elementary school, and his best. It really looks like he may possibly be able to go on the overnight field trip to the Oregon Zoo in May. Last year at this time he had 6 office referrals. This year one. Last year, no friends except for the one who was more of a difficult child than him, this year one friend who seems to be a good kid. Tells difficult child to listen to his mom, and when difficult child's volume goes too high friend tells him, "difficult child, I am right here. You don't have to yell." And difficult child quiets down.

    At some point I want to maybe do another evaluation, and look at going back to an oral stimulant. The Daytrana just does not stay on too well, and difficult child picks at it. I do not want to rock the boat at all now. I would like difficult child to leave elementary school on a good note, to go on the field trip with his friend. Things are good about 80% of the time (between the hours of 8:30am and 7pm--the time when the Daytrana is in effect) and I don't think I want to change things now.

    I expect with middle school and puberty life will get very rocky, and like I told psychiatrist today I will have to find several happy places. (This is my tactic when difficult child starts his continual negativity and meltdowns--especially when going to a new activity that he ends up enjoying.)

    I meet with therapist tommorrow, and will explain this to her. I just don't want to rock the boat right now, lets just wait for the storm to hit. We know it will.
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    I tend to agree with you. Puberty is fast approaching and that will probably change everything. Shudder! I honestly dont think I would do the teen years over again for 10 million dollars. They were really rough.

    I look at my sweet, perfect little angel grandbaby and only 10 more years you will be turning 13 and you will be hell on wheels! She just has the prettiest blue eyes, a smile to die for and a booty that can already shake. She struts her stuff through a mall as if she owns it, she is the Princess, and we are her court. I can just picture her at 13 with her giggly girlfriends and a flock of boys trailing behind them. UGH!