Puppies Puppies Everywhere


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Puppies Puppies Everywhere, and not a single place to send them!!!!!!!

Our black lab had EIGHT puppies the other night, WOW!! We were up all night to supervise the birthing to make sure they were all alive and healthy and that mom knew what to do with them. Things went well, but now that they are here, I am trying to find good homes for them. They are SO VERY CUTE, so if anyone is interested, please let me know!!!
Can you post some pictures?? Is the father a black lab, too??

Do any of them have any white on them??

How would I get a puppy from Illinois/Indiana to Massachusetts???

I'm just curious. I grew up with a wonderful black lab mix. difficult child #2 would love a dog!



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I swear to goodness I would take on in a heartbeat if you lived close enough or could figure out how to get one to me! A sweet little girl, please!

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Sure doesn't sound like you're going to have much trouble finding your new babies homes. :rofl:

We had a litter of 9 Basset mix puppies last year. Lots of fun! :grin: We had no trouble at all finding wonderful homes for them. And even kept our favorite one for ourselves. lmao

I hope you can post pics soon! I bet they're adorable.
OHHHHH send me one! husband will leave me, but might be worth the trade! LOL!! Just kiddin' here! I LOVE labs, they are the best, next to Boxers. We are praying our foster Boxer is with pups, won't know for a few more weeks. Cool part about our situation is the "real" owner keeps Gama and the pups at her house until pups are weaned, then we get Gama back AND our pick of a pup!!!! Gama is the sweetest dog on this planet. Is very watchful of our kidlets and lets me know when they are doing something they shouldn't. It's really cute!

Anyways, sorry, didn't mean to take over your post. Congrats on the new babies and please post pics when you can.

P.S. for those really interested, it really doesn't cost much to have a pup shipped via certain airlines. It can be worth it if you cannot find any pups locally that work for your family.

Hugs and puppy kisses,


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Well you have puppies everywhere and we just had kittens!

We have 4 lil boys and 1 lil girl from what we can tell. They were born on wednesday. (Keyanas Birthday!)

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I love black labs but the hair from one is enough for me! They sound so sweet-my easy child would take one in a minute but she has trouble enough helping with the one we do have.


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I'd love one but think I have too many critters here as it is. However, will happily trade you one cat and one python for one pup? Deal????


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Such responses!! I know the little creatures can be shipped, but I don't have any idea how it's done..... I could certainly do some research, I know a guy who sold some beagles on EBAY once, so he should know a carrier....

They are Black Lab/Brindle Boxer mix. They are mostly black, with a little white on them in certain places. They all turned out very attractive, we didn't end up with any that had strange patches of color in odd places, and they were all healthy and have already been to the vet and had a health checkup. They also had their tails docked and their dew claws removed already. They are barely a week old and still don't have their eyes open, but I have birth records on all of them (yes, we stayed up all night and delivered every single puppy and recorded all sorts of information about each one, in case their new parents wanted to know about their beginnings) Each puppy has a sheet in a notebook with all their information on it and I am keeping track of all the important info, like what time they were born, when their umbilical cords came off, when they finally opened their eyes, and just general health observations.

If any of you are seriously interested in finding out how to go about getting one to you, send a quick email to my yahoo account so I will have your email address, and I can try to email some pictures of them. There were eight in all, five girls and three boys. My email is [email protected]

As for your offer of a trade, meowbunny, you can keep the cat, but I would be willing to trade a puppy for the python. I absolutely LOVE snakes, I used to have two pythons, but I got rid of them when I had my first child, I was worried about how my babies would react to a REAL BABY, so I didn't want to take any chances. I have missed them terribly since they went away from me..... :smile:


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The lab/boxer mix should result in wonderful pets. We are keeping out eyes open for a "pre-loved, pre-trained" boxer for
our family. There's no way we could do proper training with our
schedule and the two family dogs that we have loved to death
were both relinquished by families who had to move. I'm sure
you'll get a great home for each of them. DDD