Q's birthday morning...(also dr visit)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Q got up so happy and I sang him awake. He came down and he had a carrot cupcake and oatmeal. He saw there was a Q on the cupcake and he got up and hugged me, he was SOOO excited about that and kept saying I was the best mom in the world.

    He opened his MN wild hockey monopoly game. he doesn't really play monopoly but loves to collect the games. Last night i gave him this promotinal lowes stuffed dog with the NASCAR tag and LOGO ...the dog is wearing the uniform. He brought it all to school.

    He asked me to sit with him at breakfast because it was his birthday. (I usually am packing things up etc. and he usually does not want me around him at breakfast anyway) SO of course I did.

    Only had a few blurts at transition time walking to the bus which is normal.

    We went to the dr and his BMI went from unhealthy (low weight) to 72%ile. Dr is ordering all kinds of blood work to monitor for all of the issues --inc the thyroid stuff but he wants fasting tests which means a school day because no lab open on a weekend, he is concerned, not for his health NOW, he is worried about the rate of growth in weight vs height.

    Q was funny cute and nice the whole appointment. I had an Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker with me and she hung out with him while I talked to the doctor. I love it when a plan comes together.

    Now please GOD, let today go ok at school.
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    Happy birthday Q! Treasure the moments, Buddy!
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    I' m so glad for you!!!!! Hope they dont mess it up at school!
    I had to smile when you so matter of fact referred to his behaviour on the way to the bus as "but this is normal"! Precious!
    Say congrats from us!
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    :bdayparty::bdayparty: Happy Birthday Dear Q :bdayparty:

    If he does have a problem at school, chalk it up to the excitement of it being his birthday. It's almost as bad as Christmas in that respect.
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    Happy birthday Q!!!

    I'm glad everything started off well! I'm pretzeling that his day continues to go well!
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    Happy Birthday Q - Hope the rest of the day goes well Hugs Rabbit
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    Happy Birhtday Q!!! So glad the morning went so well. I hope he has an excellent day at school.
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    Happy Birthday, Q-Man!!! And Mom, I hope all of his bloodwork comes out okay.
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    Does this mean you need to edit your sig? (again!)...

    Of course, YOU aren't getting any older, right?
    < .... >
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    :bdayparty: Happy Birthday Q!!!!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    Happy birthday Q! Sounds like you had a nice morning with him.
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    Happy birthday Q!!!
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    I have to tell you guys... it is funny to me sometimes how much the simple things you all take the time to say and do turn my day around more than anything. That is why I hope anyway, I try to pay it forward here when others come. I am super emotional today and it feels hormonal because it started even before the call yesterday to get him, but I know it is harder given the stress...

    i got a call from mr sp ed. some of you wonder why I stick it out with them at times.... first there is history that IS good, second, Q really needs routine and a change can derail our Lives, third there are a few there who usually...not always... usually do try hard,

    Mr sp ed said that he bought Q onion rings and a cookie for his birthday. Q was super respectful and thankful like he was to me this morning. Afternoons are his hardest but it is 2 here and no call. I know they are going to say, see sending him home worked. What they dont see is the amazing amount of work i did to keep out lives very calm and not set him off in any way (reduce stress) added to the fact that he got presents this morning! In a couple of days he will be Q again and given the same situation he will spit again.

    i have some questions and thougths to share but will start a new thread to make sure I get all the input I can....

    Thanks again sisters (and brothers) in this!
  16. Malika

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    Onion rings and a cookie, huh? Talk about the high life.
    Don't forget to share the birthday greetings with Q - unless, perhaps, you don't want him to know about the board?
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    Happy birthday Q!! Glad it has been such a good one!
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    Hi Buddy,

    I was reading this post and am new here. I was also trying to figure out your signature... was your son adopted at 2 years of age? Sorry, like I said, I'm new here! I also see he is 15 and the info you have posted about him. Please don't take offense but is he mentally handicap? I don't know all the medical lingo/abbreviations yet but am trying to figure out who is who and I see you reply to a LOT on the forums.

    I'm glad your had such a wonderful morning with him. Days like that can melt hearts and remind you of why you became a parent in the first place!
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    Okay, so I just figured out that if I click on your avatar I get to see your profile (lol). So now I understand more about your son. I praise you for doing it as I don't know how I would!
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    Hi ME, yes, he has developmental delays. He came home to me at age 2 and we call that his gottcha day. He was actually adopted formally when he was 3 but I was his mom the minute I got him.

    He had a brain mass when he was 2 so he has a brain injury. he also has autism and some attachment issues from his early life disruptions... leaving his birth parents and then leaving his foster mom.

    Yes, I do post a LOT. This board is a life line for me and I probably stick my nose where it doesn't need to be but I have grown to love a bunch of invisible friends here who have given me tremendous support and were my lifeline especially during a recent set of hospitalizations when my son got sick.

    I always loose track of the link for the abbreviations. But anything you see with an underline like.... difficult child when you read my post. put your cursor on it and you should see a ? and a definition. UMMMM reading your signature... can't really not qualify for a 504 I THINK.... I have never heard of that. they can try to not let you do it, but it is a civil liberties right to have accommodations if you have a disability and ... an Learning Disability (LD) and adhd IS a legal disability area. I will check for your thread (do you have one? I think I recognize your sign on name???) if you dont have one would be great to have you do so.....

    Thanks for responding to my thread. Nice to meet you.