Question about Drug sentencing


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I usually post on the early childhood board about my own kids, but I have a question about my nephew. He's 18 yo, in high school, graduates on Friday. He was arrested Thursday night for DUI (I'm not sure under the influence of what, but I think it was LSD). They confiscated his backpack, and later found that it contained 5 sheets of LSD and $2000. I'm sooo worried about him. Does this mean that he will go to jail for 5years because of mandatory minimum sentencing? This is his first offense, and I think they are charging him with possession and intent to sell a schedule I drug. He's in PA. Please help if you know anything about this kind of thing. I'm so worried about him


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There is a HUGE difference in sentencing from State to State and
from county to county. We have extra harsh enforcement where we
live and yet Mikey lives in a community where the police skip over drugs and focus on booze. Most often a first offense is
dealt with more leniently but I'm afraid I can't give you any reassurances about your nephews future. on the other hand, it is really important to try to focus on the substance abuse issue itself as
it truly can be deadly and if your nephew is "into" drugs enough
to have a quantity on his person, the future may be full of sad
events. In our Teen and S.A. forum you will be able to read about all the various aspects of substance abuse and teens. I'm
sorry your family will be living through the nightmare so many of
us have had to face. DDD


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i wish i knew what to tell you- but it sounds like he could be in big trouble with that much drugs and money. sounds like he needs a good attorney. if it's his first offense it will be better, however, the amount of drugs and money definitely indicates dealing, not just usage, so it would be worth exploring how long this has been going on, who else is involved, etc.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #660000"> good news is it's a first offense. bad news is the amount of lsd he was in possession of & the large amount of cash. might be very hard to get the intent to sell dropped. he's going to need a good lawyer.

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