Question about lighbulbs and drugs?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by mom_in_training, Mar 23, 2007.

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    I know this might be a strange question but have any of you all ever heard of people using lightbulbs to do cocaine or whatever? A friend in the neighborhood just informed me that my difficult child stole her front porch lightbulb and made a huge effort doing so by taking the whole screwed down top lid off and kindly leaving it on the ground. I would imagine that they would use the metal base of the bulb. I have never heard of this but this womans daughter told her that this is what some use to aid in ingesting drugs. Hmmmmmm. Geeze who would have thought. If any of you mysteriously end up with missing light bulbs you may just have a drug addicted difficult child trolling in the night. Hmmmmm. Interesting
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    I never heard of that before but I googled "light bulb cocaine" and got a hit talking about meth, so I googled "Light bulb meth" -- the top site had this: "How To Properly Smoke Crank, Meth, Crisso, Wire - So you have that ... -Obtain a standard light bulb. -With plyers. Pry and cut off that little ...". I have omitted the site's name, this just disgusts me that they put this cr-p out there. But yeah, you can apparently use a lightbulb.
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    Son's reliance on meth has Illinois mother scrambling to remain a part of his life

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    That is bazarre!!! Who would have ever thought that a light bulb would become drug paraphernalia. Geezo what next....

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    Very interesting and sick all at the same time.

    What the heck is next?