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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Dec 22, 2010.

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    diet. My brother in law is coming into town tonight (nothing like waiting til the last moment) and I want to have a small snack for when they arrive. He is my brother in law who was in afib (sp?) for several months and had a blood clot. He is on a low sodium (and I'm assuming low fat) diet. Low fat I'm o.k. with but the low sodium part has me wondering what to serve. I tried calling my sister but there is no answer. Any ideas?
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    Low to no salt foods. Don't add any salt when you're cooking, and have a salt substitute handy if he doesn't bring his own (mom had a travel version as well as the normal table version). Lot of label reading if you're not cooking from scratch and know exactly how much salt is in what you're preparing.
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    Avoid cheese, processed meats, etc. I would offer fruit/veggie tray type of snacks.
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    Many recipe sites will let you search for low sodium recipes.
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    Avoid all canned foods and prepared frozen foods; avoid all canned and powdered soups and broths; no soy sauce;
    read labels on any other condiments. Focus on fresh whole foods - fruits and veggies, cereals that you cook (like oatmeal
    or cream of wheat), homemade pancakes, meats that aren't seasoned at the store - use Mrs. Dash or other non-sodium
    seasoning, or straight herbs and spices to season. It does taste 'different' at first, but if you stick with it you soon find 'regular'
    foods to be far too salty. It's interesting how much your tastes can change.
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    Thanks for the great suggestions! We had fresh veggies and dip along with apple slices and caramel dip!!