Question on double use for recording our kiddos...


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Ok I know I asked this before but new year, new reviews on Nannycams and Camcorders. Any Ideas? Who would you believe Sears reviews or a top ten review type thing? I looked at one and at sears said $40 on sale bad reviews.. same one through a security company good reviews and recommended from that top ten thing as a winner.

I need it for two reasons, one, I need to be able to show my son in his great happy mood, then it shows his angry/violent mood and how long it takes to calm down etc. ( Like Bipolar of sorts but they said he didnt have it) But he cant know its there...yes a full 24 hrs of course with battery change or having an extra one on standby?

Second use, I would like to be able to record my kids and their happy moments, holidays, pets, any sports/activities without having to buy another recording device.

Actually, third use, I want to see which dog is having tinkling accidents! Its only one!

I need the video and audio for both uses.. time stamped would also be needed.



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OOps meant to add.... ( I put in the other post but adding here)

My sons teacher said she'd call the cops if he misses one more day of school and she may or may not come with them. They do not have a truancy officer at the school ( or the diocese) So, I told her go ahead if she wants, was I wrong? I do feel if I could get some sort of IEP plan they will work with him even tho theres no Special Education there.