Question this time about not allowing to use ride on toys...


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Ok, as I mentioned bahumbug! But for Christmas my grandpa not only bought a power wheels race car that son didnt want he ended up still giving it to my son along with the John Deere ride on my son did want. Fact aside my son is too big and grandpa went behind my back when I said no cuz it would cause even more issues.

Son copies the kids when they take off their jackets and shoes when its cold outside although I have discussed this w son and told him there will be no going outside if he continues. So its been rainy off and on and yes cold.. in the 30's about at times. Today little sun, no rain or snow mixed, no wind. Soooo heres the reasons my granpa will not allow son to use vehicles:( I agree not in rain or wind, snow )

1) The weather is to cold for the battery so he has to wait until the weather warms up. (We will be calling Peg Prego and Power Wheels Monday to ask if the cold will hurt it. What about all those kids who live where its cold longer they only drive in summer? )

2) He says he doesnt want my son sick in hospital cuz cold.. well me neither but son is outside just sitting there either way...


3) Sons attitude needs to be nice and have no attitude for a while. (Um I do agree taking things away when hes bad ..but he can be bad everyday..he'll never do anything again.. why make a big deal out of a few cuss words .. then we say no,, then tantrum hits...)

4) Grandpa gets to choose which vehicle he can drive and when... and wants him to drive the race car not the deere my son wanted because he claims theres ..issues...

So the question is.. whos correct? Me or granpa and nobody be scared to say grandpa! I can handle it :)

****So This is not actually a usual complain vent as Im trying not to say anything but good updates or medical updates for all of this new year! One of my new regulations!!! ( Besides weight loss) Just a question!!!!

****Happy New Year All****


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Grandpa isn't his mother. It's up to you. He had no business buying anything you didn't want your son to have. I know you won't do it, but if it were me, I'd take them back or forbid son from using them since you know they are only going to cause problems. Sounds like your grandpa needs a time out himself. He is as difficult as your kids, if not a bad example.

Happy New Year to you too, dear :) Try to take back your power. Don't let everyone throw you around so much. You don't deserve that. You're the good person and the one taking care of everybody. You deserve respect. You do have mine ;)


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Your grandfather is crazy if he thinks any of that is going to work. I'm betting your son has already ridden them by now anyways.


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I live in the Northeast. My youngest is 16 so our ride ons now are motorcycles and Segways but when they were little, our ride on cars were parked inside half of the year because it's not easy to ride them in the snow. We had a red power wheel and a pink Barbie car. Both of them were found on the street in a wealthy area, discarded. Otherwise, my kids wouldn't have had any ride on cars because I didn't believe in buying them.

In terms of the clothing, my difficult child didn't take off his shoes but he would never wear a coat when he was in elementary school. Our pediatrician (of blessed memory) said that he should be allowed to go out at recess anyway and that if he got cold enough, he'd go in or put on a coat as long as we didn't make a fuss over it. Our school district doesn't allow outdoor recess when it goes below 32 so we knew he wouldn't be out in really cold weather. It worked. Through high school, he wore shorts and a light jacket no matter what the weather. People all around town knew him because of his clothing. Now, he attends college about 20 miles from Canada and he actually wears long pants and a jacket, though not any that are warm enough for my tastes but he's 20 and he's survived this long.

H and I have always fought about going outside barefoot. I won't even walk around my house without my socks and sneakers on, while H goes outside barefoot in all but the coldest weather. The kids fall in the middle - they will walk outside barefoot in warm weather but not when it's cool.

As for the power wheels v. John Deere, you say your son is too big for the one he doesn't like and that your grandpa wants him to ride. Is there a posted size limit on the car and does your son exceed it? If so, show it to your dad and tell him that while you appreciate the gift, your son can't ride on it because it's dangerous and if something happens, you couldn't sue because he was using it improperly. Otherwise, I would tell your grandpa that a gift is a gift and he can't put conditions other than safety on it. Perhaps you can use the toy as an incentive to your son to behave. With my difficult child, at that age, if he had a good week, we'd take him swimming at the indoor pool in the winter.

Good luck.


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Thanks everyone..sorry so late. It seems as if I try to post it doesn't show or takes days to show! ( other places too) Anyways yes, grandpa refused him to ride on it for a few days, then put limits on it. Even when he buys us/them something he payed for it so its always under his rule of usage no matter gift or not. Son is really to big for both but esp the one that one son wanted the John Deere. One goes to 130 pounds and the other to 150 BUT its not the weight its his height! Ha even though Im the mom I ALWAYS had family not step up and be partners but be MY kids parents and pushed me aside because I have always lived under gpas roof per say. ( he pays bills) I did when I could. But I see why my kids are stressed to, not saying Im a star but with even more drama from all family....neighbors...etc. Im just uggh too!!!

It hardly snows here it just gets cold, sometimes rain so for the most part its dry during winter and also no cars out and about if it were wet. Yikes I agree to wear shoes! Im cold in socks and its 35 here! Kids/people are different when it comes to being warm huh? Swimming Im trying to get him back in it and he wants to go but not for lessons just to play but I still want him to learn.


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My difficult child took a couple of lessons to make sure he was water safe and then he just went to it. He's the kid who climbed up to the top of a 6' high pool at age 2 and dived in. Fortunately, H was already in the pool. He grabbed difficult child by the scruff of the neck and pulled him out of the water, where he had sunk. With a huge grin on his face, difficult child screamed "AGAIN!" When we did the pool as an incentive, it was playtime, no lessons because he didn't want them. H was always in the water with him and we never went anyplace there wasn't a life guard.

I really don't have any advice about your dad. I didn't talk to mine for 10 years before he died and we lived more than 2000 miles apart.


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Oh wow that was brave of him! Ya, my son started lessons but also quit. I guess Im just being over protective. Maybe he will be ok like you said! Great idea, looks like I know what we are doing soon!

its my grandpa but thanks. It got bad tonight..Ill be going to watercooler to vent. Im sorry about you and your dads issues before he died. Hugs to you.