Really stepped outside my comfort zone

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this weekend. Yesterday I completed a 10k run! If anyone had ever told me that I would ever run 6.2 miles I would have told them there was no way!!

husband and I had a very enjoyable weekend in Chicago (even though I could barely move much of the day yesterday after the race-lol). It was also nice to have a kid free weekend! I'm picking up difficult child tomorrow as he spent the weekend with my dad and his wife.:smug:


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Good for you! I signed up for the Spartan Race here in WA because a friend really wanted to do it. A few days ago I started looking into it and there is no way I am going to do it. If it was just the run I would but they have some major obstacles and I am not physically able to do them. Plus I am leaving one week later for vacation and don't want to be injured and not be able to enjoy it.

I will take my nice 5K's anyday.


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Congratulations! What an accomplishment. Bask in the glow. Put a decal on your car and keep it there forever. You deserve it.


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I used to run a lot when I was younger, it's brilliant for the mind and body.
I used to have an ambition to run a marathon by the time I was 50 and was well into that plan when I somehow managed to get pregnant again at the age of 45 :eek: and my running days came to an end.
I've been meaning to start again, maybe your achievement will give me inspiration! - maybe a new ambition - to run a marathon by the time I'm 60?