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What sorts of things can you admit to doing just to spite/bug your own Mothers?

During my "haircut" thread, many of us told of doing things to our hair just get a rise out of our Mothers in a round-about way. Can you admit to any other things you may have done?

I can think of one off the top of my head (no pun intended).

When difficult child was born, a friend of mine gave us a very funky fleece winter hat that was multicolored and had several long, almost jester-like pieces that stuck out all over. It was so cute and I loved it. difficult child had such a round little face - and then was always smiling - that it was just great.

The fact that my Mother HATED that hat - and felt the need to say so everytime difficult child had it on - really only made it all the better. I feel guilty for admitting it, but it's true. She knows it - I told her then and we've laughed about it fairly recently. easy child wore the hat too, when she came along. I still have it in the top of my closet, although there will be no more babies in the household.

Anyone else have any (harmless) ways they've gone about paying Dear Ol Mom back for cleaning our cheeks with saliva on tissues when we were children?


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every time we used to get ready (7 of us siblings) my mom would yell: "wash your face and comb your hair!"

a few exasperated times she would get it mixed and yell:
"comb your face and wash your hair!!"

over memorial day weekend she came to the picnic (surprizingly) and she was late, very usual. we teased her that she must have combed her face and washed her hair too much.
My mom is a real kick. She has a great sense of humor, or at least used to when we were growing up (wonder if she was on medications? LOL!!)

Anyways, she ALWAYS to this day gets all the kids names wrong as well as the grands now. So, one Thanksgiving we all wore name tags with our names written in HUGE letters on them. Then just to make her crazy, we started all switching name tags. It was hilarious! I tease her about it all the time when she accidentally calls me by one of my sis' names! "Hey Mom, read the name tag" LOL!! Thankfully she found great humor in it, still does!!

Great thread!!!

OH, oh, I thought of another one!

My mom always used the statement of "hurry up and get your shoes and socks on so we can leave". We'd laugh at her and ask "don't ya mean socks and shoes on, Mom" So, all 3 of us girls came out of our rooms with our shoes and socks on.

We still, to this day, ROTFL when we talk about it.

Funny thing is, I find myself saying the same darn thing to my girls! LOL!!

Snicker, snicker,


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At least it's not just me . . . . lol.

Laughter is the best, isn't it?

My poor mother always has so much on her mind. She once took a whole bunch of pictures of my sister's birthday only to find out she had no film in her camera. We still don't let her live that one down. Each and every time she takes pics, we ask her if she's got film.


Nomad, how did you end up with the parent's curse then if you didn't earn it??? :rofl:

Growing up, I had hair down to my waist. When I was 12, I decided I wanted it cut. It killed my mother and since she was a hairdresser back then, she's the one that got to cut it. I was really nervous about doing it, but her reaction to it just made me want to do it more.


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Nomad - me, too! My mom even tells my difficult child that I was not normal. They have had a few laughs on how I would go up to my room after school and not come down until the homework was done.

It was my SISTER that was the difficult child - she should have gotten my daughter. NOT ME!