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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by FlipFlops, May 25, 2010.

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    I'm an on again off again member since about 2004. My son was diagnosis bipolar in 2003 and then began recv sp ed services. I started recording all the ARDs etc a month ago when the principal filed assault charges on my son for kicking her. I won't go into the 5+ yrs of history of this same behavior or all of that drama where they are suddenly saying it is not disability related now, or wouldn't allow me to present anything at the manifestatioin of disability ARD.

    What I will go into is that on the way to the first meeting last month I stopped off and bought a digital recorder. That was the VERY BEST decision I ever made, almost. We have gone from them trying to EXPEL him to them revising, re-revising and re-re-revising his IEPs and BIPs. I have no doubt that this happened because they realized I had recordings of them totally NOT following the procedural rules and would have had a VERY good chance in a due process hearing, which I made clear I was looking into.
    RECORD YOUR MEETINGS!!!!! :smug:

    I just recently found out that most things like that are shredded at the end of the year. Although I didn't save but a few of the write ups during the first 3 years, I DID have probably 90% of the last 3 years. This can be very helpful if you need to trace behavior patterns or something like that. Or in my case, the behaviors that got him qualified were suddenly no longer being considered related to his disability. I had the huge advantage of being able to go back through 3 yrs of writeups and flagged all the ones with almost the exact same behaviors. I never got to present them, but they still saw the binder with all the hot pink post its sticking out of it.

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    Great job being organized. Nothing scares a bad school district more than a warrior parent!!!
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