remember when ant used to break things??


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<span style='font-family: Book Antiqua'> <span style="color: #006600">well, he fixed something!! </span> </span> :rofl:

I came home and he had changed the tub faucet. on his own! he said it wasnt shiny any more so he changed it. my son the home remodeler. :bravo:

he has been working for boyfriend's remodeling company for 5 months now. I guess he is learning a trade!


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How funny :rofl: I bet way back then you wouldn't have thought he'd ever fix anything huh?

At least that gives some others something to look foward to.

Maybe you should start finding more stuff for him to fix? LOL!

Glad to hear he's doing so well.



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This is exactly what husband and I were talking about this morning. Not all persons are suited for desk jobs! There's a site that I'd read from page to page if my difficult child was a little's I SO hope that the schools don't force themselves on him to the point that he doesn't learn the basics (that everyone needs to learn), so that difficult child can go on to a productive and satisfying career working with his hands in some way! He would be awesome in something like that! WAY TO GO, ANT!!! Thanks for giving the rest of us something to look forward to!

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How awesome is that! I'm so glad he's doing so well in his job.

T used to distroy all things electronic. (not necessarily on purpose) Now he's my computer repairman. Who would've ever figured??? :rofl:


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Lisa, when ant was small he would take apart everything in tiny pieces. he even took apart a very expensive walking talking dinosaur just after he opened it Christmas morn.

boyfriend said it will help ant work on his own house one day even if he doesnt do it for a living. boyfriend brought me home a picture last week of ant with a trowel in his hand, helping put tile on someone's bath. nicest picture I ever saw of ant...WORKING, mind you! working!!!!!

hmmm I notice kaleb is always taking the wheels of his lil cars. hmmmm


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Maybe ant's getting to feel that sense of pride in doing a job well, and seeing the end result of his labor, and liking it. He can look at that nice shiny faucet and think "I did that" proudly, instead of maybe seeing the bars of a cell and thinking "I did that" in a bad way. I know I feel pretty good when I fix something and it works LOL.

I wouldn't worry too much about Kaleb and the wheels, I think all kids take their toys apart at certain points. They need to know how things work. It's when they do it in anger that you have to worry. :eek:


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Janet, that is the most heartwarming post I have read for ages. I have always said you are an inspiration for me. You have been through the wringer, and look where you are now!

Lovely! I can't wait for it to happen to my difficult child, but I think there's a lot of heartache to get through before we get there. I can just imagine that photo of Ant with the trowel in his hand.

Sending you hugs,

Love, Esther


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So happy to hear that story! My difficult child 1 is only 14 but he is happiest when he is doing something with his hands, it takes his mind off his anxiety.

I think remodeling houses is very therapeutic, because you actually finish something, unlike much desk my humble opinion.

Great news.


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This IS a great post! It sounds like he's really settling in, and it sounds like he's HAPPY! That's wonderful!

My son was one of those who took everything apart too. And I mean everything! Nothing was safe from that boy! His favorite thing to do was to take the batteries out of everything and put them in everything else. Doesn't sound like much fun to me, but he loved it. He did it so often that all of our electronic dooies, remotes, etc., had the battery covers scotch taped on because he had either broken them or worn them out!