Report card & Teacher RANT!

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    Excuse me ahead of time for my long rant!

    The little guy got his report card yesterday. Prior to the AS diagnosis he was an A/B honor roll student and I don't compare his grades now to his past. I understand that it's a struggle for him and I'm sure that it makes him feel bad that he's not the student he used to be.

    Every now and then he'll say I made A/B honor roll every six weeks in the 2nd grade why can't I do it now? I explain to him that each grade gets a little bit harder. While it's nice to make Honor Roll if you try your very best and make a C that's a well deserved C. All of his grades except for one, is always A's & B's.

    Language is a struggle for him and he always makes a C in it. It's fine but this time he made the usual A in Spelling and everything else was a C. I couldn't believe it!

    My problem is that she's not following his IEP. I understand the need to modify the IEP. I'm all for that. She suggested that some of the things that went on in his classroom last year be different this year. Fine, her classroom, do what works.

    He has come out of his shell in classroom participation. That's wonderful BUT some of the tactics she uses drives me crazy. Before he was intaverted and didn't participate. Now he does, she has neat little classroom sayings they do BUT this one is a no-go.

    "whoosh, ain't you something..." followed by snapping fingers.

    Excuse me? Ain't? I've been trying to break him from using that word in everyday converstation since he's been in her class! He never used it before.

    Part of his IEP was that he had a special desk that was put together with his tasks for the day. Everything is in order and he pulls each velcro task off after completion. It's his desk that follows him until he leaves that school. Yeah, right. He doesn't have it, then she complains because he doesn't finish his tasks or completes assignments on time....

    Organization is a huge problem with him, always has. This eliminated 80% of the problem.

    Then she gives him this vertabrate notebook project to do. 20 animals, fine, I asked her if it's something we need to work on at home or is there classtime available. She told me he could do it in class.

    I asked him on an almost daily basis if he worked on his notebook...yes mom I am at school. I cleaned out his backpack and found that it wasn't done (barely started) and it was due Nov. 1st.

    I find it on Nov. 7th. A good teacher, especially one who realizes that he's disabled, would've called me or written me a letter about it. Not, her! So, I call her at home the entire weekend only to ask her if he could do some of his assignment on the computer. I made him work on it the entire weekend and it was horrible. His hands cramped, he whined and she didn't return my calls.

    Needless, to say he didn't finish BUT I told him to have her call me that Monday morning during her planning time. He finished all but 6. When I took him to school the principal asked me if everything was okay & I told her that we were having a few little issues and mentioned the computer. She told me that he could use it.

    His 3rd grade teacher takes TKD with us and Seth was just bawling at TKD. She asked him what was wrong and he was sick he wanted to go home. I asked him what happened at school and he said that she told him that he wasn't finished and told the class that everyday it's not turned in 20 points would be taken off. And that she's giving him F's when he knows that they aren't. The bad grades in class is starting to bother him.

    I called her at home. She finally called me back. She modified his assignment and said that she would take 4 away and he only has one left. Okay...

    I told her that he wanted his desk back, helps him and that giving him study hall isn't helping his organizational skills. That's just wasted time. So, she said that she would modify his work load. Ha! We'll see.

    I'm trying to be patient because she's a first year teacher, but I'm not going to let my child suffer because of her inexperience.

    And yet...there is a light at the end of the tunnel. His TKD instructor asked me if I had seen his report card. I told him I had. He asked if his grades was a reflection of his disability, the teacher or just him not working hard enough. I told him a little bit of both. That his teacher isn't following the IEP and that it's hard for him but he's got to take some responsibilty too.

    He said to let him know something after I speak to the teacher to see what it is he needs to do to help him.


    He always checks their report cards, if their grades aren't where they're supposed to be guess what? Depending on the circumstances they may/may not be able to test for their next belt until the grades come up. It's only fair...

    And he's more than willing to do what it takes to help them succeed in whatever they do. You can't ask for anything better than that.

    But, I am at the end of the rope with the teacher. She's not some young girl fresh out of college. She's in her forties and has worked at the school for years but this is her first year teaching and I think that she has this misconception that since he's on medicine that his problems magically disappear.
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    It is time to talk to the principal. She is not following the IEP and that is a violation of Federal law, as I understand it. Just because she doesn't want to is NO excuse. She HAS to. Esp if it worked well last year and the admin agrees. If her way was working i would say let it ride, but it isn't.

    As for the word ain't - COMPLAIN! LOUDLY to the principal, the School Board (can you make a school board meeting and ask them to have that word removed from teaching materials and classroom signage as it promotes poor grammar? Worked in our SD!). Otherwise, see if you can have him moved to another teacher.

    This is crazy. She doesn't know what she is doing. She can set him back YEARS. AND - can damage his self esteem to the point that he goes to drastic measures. My son was so traumatized by an old battle axe of a 1st grade teacher and then a 1st year 2nd grade teacher that he attempted suicide. It took us 2 years of homeschooling to START to fix the damage.

    Start with the principal. Demand that the IEP be followed, including his desk (a GREAT modification, in my opinion) and if you don't get IMMEDIATE results then go to the head of Special Education for the district. If that doesn't work then go to the superintendent, then to the school board, then the media. I mean EVERY member of the school board. You will be SURPRISED what they can accomplish.

    I am sorry that this is happening. I would be livid!

    hugs and some extra rhino skin to toughen up your Warrior Mom armor!
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    If the teacher is not following the IEP, then you need to call an IEP meeting to get everyone at school on the same page so your son can access the curriculum.
  4. WEYS,

    When our difficult child was in elementary school I sometimes used my magic mantra.... "My child's educational needs are not being met". I didn't call names, I didn't point fingers. I just stated that fact and the principal always zoomed into action.

    A good friend of mine, another warrior Mom, taught me the mantra. It's a no blame process that focuses the attention on the needs of the child.

    Good luck to you in your quest. I think that you are definitely moving in the right direction.
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    Look until you have modified the IEP the teacher has to follow it. I mad it a point to meet with teachers at the beginning or BEFOR school year to introduce the
    Clearly, as teachers will, she is not in fact doing ANYTHING to support the acedemic excellance that your child does show ability to acomplish. And as he is not remenial if he is having trouble in a subject what is the problem and not
    "modifying the work" that is nonscence.
    COmmunicating is the big deal. Next she will say she is to busy. She has other students. C is a good enough grade..blah blah been there done that.
    No...set up a regular meeting say weekly when you learn from her what needs to be done to achieve the As...thanks.
    Academic excellance...say it often..appropriate for FAPE IDEA IEPs too. Who does she refer the learner to when he needs attentions she doesn't provide, exactly in school every day/week/month and how often will the team meet...
    I had contacting me at the 90% level as otherwise they wait for the F and then mail it...ops, they say, to or bi-weekly progress reports in writng
    and pict them up yourself in person.
    GO get 'em!
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    That's a lot of stress for your little guy. I agree, time to have that IEP meeting. I'm thrilled to hear about the TKD help. I sure wish I could find an outside activity like that for manster.