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    Every year forever, difficult child pushes teachers/staff's buttons and see's how far he can push them. In the larger schools it was awful. But this smaller High School is different. They give him a chance. They get to know him, and they end up really hitting it off.

    Last year, his freshman year, we had a tough usual. Resource Officer and I had a few times where we butt heads. But he got to know difficult child, and they like each other. difficult child goes to him to talk. Once they give difficult child a chance, he really respects them. He never had that chance in the larger schools. About a month ago difficult child and husband got into it on the way to school. difficult child left school and went to the park across the street to settle down. I talked to the resource officer because he was going to give difficult child a referral. He told me he really wasn't, just wanted difficult child to know he did the right thing by cooling off...just that he cannot leave the school grounds after he is there. He said he knows difficult child, and he needed to cool off before they talked.

    He got a promotion and is leaving. Friday is his last day. difficult child is really sad. So am I. Now we have to break in a new guy!!! Lol.

    Resource officer just emailed me. Said he spoke to difficult child, and they are both sad. He said it is bitter sweet. But he assured me he will work with the new person a few days next week and will explain difficult child to him. He did say difficult child talks to him on facebook. I didn't know that.

    How much you want to bet, I butt heads with the new person. I bet difficult child will get referrals and such. So far this year he hasn't gotten any.

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    Wow, i hope the transition goes ok. Sometimes a difficult child can surprise you!