I have been away from this site for years. I have returned because my son has recently been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder to go along with his Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) diagnosis. I was on this site four years ago as we dealt with property destruction and aggression. He is back again with a vengeance. This time we have had to file unruly child charges due to a threat to kill me after months of aggressive behavior and property destruction once again. So now we are dealing with courts, custody decisions, and lack of services.

I remember this being a supportive place four years ago. I hope to find support again.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Welcome back. I was not here when you were here but I assure you it is a place of support.
I am sorry you find yourself back here. You will find a number of members share your issues.

My son had substance abuse disorder and conduct disorder.


Roll With It
Welcome back! I am sorry that you are dealing with an increase in the severity of the problems. I hope you can get your son out of your home. Living with someone who wants to kill you is incredibly difficult. I hope at the very least you can put a solid core door and sturdy locks on your bedroom door so that you can at least get a decent night's sleep. If you have other children, you may want to have them bunk in your room so that he cannot terrorize them at night. We had to do that at one point.

Sometimes they need to be out from under our roof to learn that it really is worse out in the world. Sometimes they can never adapt to living with us, sometimes they can at least learn to appreciate having us in their lives. Sometimes they cannot. You need to protect yourselves and your other children first over protecting him. I know it sounds hard, but even in a child with autism, there is a level of choice in these behaviors. They world won't give them a free pass for their behavior just because they have challenges.

Trust me, I know. My oldest was very violent for years and we had to have him removed from our home. It took time, and having us not be involved in his life very much, but things got better. He is now an adult, living on his own, and a part of our lives. He is even a loving big brother to my daughter, who was the main focus of all of his aggression. They have a great relationship now. So there is hope.