conduct disorders

  1. runawaybunny

    Kids conduct disorders predicted by machine learning

    Conduct disorder (CD), a complex and common psychiatric disorder, is known for its aggressive and destructive behavior. The biological, psychological, as well as social factors that contribute to the development and progression of CD are numerous. Although researchers have identified many risk...
  2. DefiantDaemon

    I was the child you're all posting about. AMA

    I have Conduct Disorder, ADHD, AVPD and Borderline (BPD). If you would like a perspective on things from my side of the equation, feel free to ask me anything or share your opinions on things.
  3. runawaybunny

    Brain wiring differences identified in children with conduct disorder

    Behavioural problems in young people with severe antisocial behaviour - known as conduct disorder - could be caused by differences in the brain's wiring that link the brain's emotional centres together, according to new research led by the University of Birmingham. Conduct disorder affects...
  4. T

    Why do I always question myself?

    My D.C. Is 16 years old. I won't go into his whole history, but these behaviors have been going on for 7 long years. He was just suspended for 2 days from school for fighting. This is his 2nd code of conduct disorder (for sports). Last year he got one for smoking pot. The school went easy on him...
  5. I

    My baby girl, a psychopath?

    I'm new here and I have been struggling with my 5 year old since she was 1.5 yrs old. It started with tantrums so bad I dreaded grocery shopping days. It has now escalated to defiance so bad she looks at you and does exactly what you tell her not to right after you say it, even right after...
  6. H

    Please help me :(

    Hi everyone I feel so lost at the minute I do not know where to turn. My 13 year old son is a nightmare. He never used to be this way, we were so close and did everything together. Now I’m a dirty c*#t and it’s f you f this, he pushes me around and started to push my partner around too. He’s 6...
  7. leaving

    Pathological Lying?

    Can anyone relate to this with their child? Our son has been lying to us for years and years and it comes SO easily to him. He will lie to us even when we present him with evidence. It's so distressing. I had to add it to the questionnaire for the clinic we are looking at for him. I looked up...
  8. B

    I don't believe our son has CD

    His erratic behavior started when we told him finally that he is adopted. His mother gave him to us and left for Brazil to be with another man. It has been a year since we dropped the bomb on him. Yes, that's the correct term. And I guess, he is feeling lost thus he is resorting to different...
  9. T

    12 Year old Step Daughter with ODD & Histrionic PD we're begging for help!

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this. First time ever on a forum but we're at our wits end. I have a 12 year old step daughter who has lived with us since April of 2016. She is a funny, creative, smart girl. I may not be her birth mother but think of her and love her as my own. I will refer to her as...
  10. T

    17 Yr old son has CD

    Well, my son has Conduct disorder, ADHD, Bipolar and likely Executive Function disorder... this all came to light about 2 months ago when, after having moved in with me and my wife for 2 months, we discovered he had stolen over $8000 from emergency funds we had hidden in our room (pretty much...
  11. llamafarm

    Returning from a long hiatus

    I have been away from this site for years. I have returned because my son has recently been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder to go along with his Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) diagnosis. I was on this site four years ago as we dealt with property destruction and aggression. He is back again with a vengeance. This time...
  12. mollyzuzu

    What will it take to get son put in residential

    Hi all, I have been posting concerning my son in and out of mental hospital, bipolar, autism, adhd, cannabis disorder, substance abuse and the list of diagnosis goes on. He is on a court order not to do drugs, alcohol, steal and he is supposed to listen to his parents till next august. He has...
  13. W

    27 year old son one step from the streets

    I'm a 60 yr. old single mom who, when my son turned 20 and was busting up our home, sold out and moved to a small town to get some peace. He's been in trouble with the law for harassment and has a terrible attitude towards women. He can't get along with anyone and has a behavioural disorder...