Rollercoaster of a Day!

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    (And because it was so crazy, I have ised the emoticons to help you fololow along...)

    The other day, I got a last-minute call for a job interview, but since I had noplace to leave difficult child for a few hours, I couldn't make it...I was SOOOO bummed. :(

    Then, as luck would have it - I got called for an interview for a different job. This time, I had two day's notice. I called around frantically looking for a place that difficult child could go for an hour while I went to the interview. :anxious:

    A family friend agreed to take her. Yay!!! Plus, difficult child had another friend to vist lined up as a back-up plan.

    Today was the day of the interview, and sure enough, the family friend bailed on us...

    So now I needed to make other arrangements. I figured I would let difficult child go hang out with this new friend she made...

    BUT - difficult child has not showered in weeks. All of a sudden...she showers....then takes an hour and a half to do her hair....she cakes on the makeup...and douses herself in perfume - :confused: and I'm supposed to believe all of this is just to go hang out at some girls house and watch television.

    So now I'm angry because clearly, difficult child is meeting up with some guy...but of course, denies it...:mad:

    BUT I let her call this friend anyway....(remember she was the backup plan for difficult child to visit during my job interview) and


    difficult child can't visit because the friend went out drinking last night and didn't come home until 7am and is grounded by her parents. I am horrified that this was the "new friend" that difficult child was going to hang out with...

    Meanwhile, difficult child can't figure out why this friend would be grounded. In her mind, the parents are being COMPLETELY difficult child explains that she'll just wait because she is sure her friend can settle this "disagreement" with her parents.

    I was really aggravated now and I told difficult child that being grounded for drinking is NOT a "disagreement", as though the point of contention was somehow a negotiation.

    So I call husband and tell him what happened...

    He checks with his boss and tells me I can drop difficult child at his office for the afternoon. Yay!......Except -

    difficult child is she starts taking out her anger on her brother - AND

    husband's office is a half-hour drive one way the opposite direction I need to go!:tongue:

    So I get difficult child into the like a mad-woman to get to husband's office....then it's over an hour to the interview...and it's raining...and I have NO idea where I am going...AND the GPS had me do this weird circle mid-town which made the trip even longer....and when I finally arrive at my's in one of those complexes and I cannot find it.


    So I get to the interview LATE - and I am absolutely devastated because I just put in all that effort and time trying to get there...and everything seemed to be going against me. :anxious:

    BUT - the interview when really, really well. It sounds like a great job, and a great "fit"...and the woman implied that she would like to have me back for a second interview.

    So yay!!! :D

    And...I don't have to put up with any of difficult child's koi for the rest of the day because husband will drive her home at the end of his day.

    Yay!!! was nuts! :laugh:
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    Holy schmoly roly poly!

    At least there is light at the end of THAT tunnel.