Saddle bags and a saggy posterior , eek!


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I have quietly been working out with you guys. I don't necessarily need to lose weight but I am in desperate need of toning. Prior to getting the erythma nodosum I was using my eliptical trainer every other day. I can't say that I have noticed any change. I am slowly being able to get back into it and really could use some help.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what exercises you can do to rid of the saddle bags and the saggy bottom? The only thing that I have a hard time doing are squats because of my knees.

husband thinks that maybe because I had kids my skin has stretched and it won't change, please tell me that's not true! :surprise:


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I hope it's not true. I have been knocking myself out for a long time if it's hopeless.
What about a stairmaster for the droopy bottom?
Our YMCA will do a personal trainer evaluation to help you to develop a plan. Maybe that will give you some direction.

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Good for you for working out! I do think the stairmaster is a good idea for the bottom. Our club too offers a person to help you develop a plan.