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    I just need to --itch for one moment!! Notes almost everyday from school that he is not focusing, listening, following directions... Oh it gets better and then having BM accidents and the Bm is falling out onto the floor and then he lies about it. What that's not mine and then runs to the bathroom. This BM stuff has been happening for a while. I have taken away all video games because he would have a BM accident when he was playing and would sit in it. So the teacher put him on contract to remind him to make good choices. It worked for today but on the bus home he decides to use some lovely choice of words. He told his Nana that he thought it would be funny but it was not so funny$%&^*&$&*&

    Then you got the boss who only remembers the negative things which are very far and in between and does not remember any of the positive. I am not sure who is going to drive me mental more my boss of my kid. Somebody save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sad-very:

    Thanks for listening to me
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    I don't know your story, but there are some very real reasons kids may poop in their pants.
    Has your son ever been evaluated by a neuropsychologist?
    I don't think he is trying to disobey you or is not paying attention. I think it's more than that--that he really can't help it. At any rate, I think it should be checked out and he needs to be seriously evaluated on ever level. NeuroPsychs do that. I think something is going on that nobody caught yet. I am wondering if this child was ever tested for autistic spectrum disorder/Aspergers. Did he have any delays in development? This is very socially inappropriate and inattentiveness is also very much the norm with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It is often mistaken for ADHD though and ODD.
    I can't stress the neuropsychologist enough.
    Is he getting any help? Who has he seen?
    As for your boss, sorry he's giving you a hard time when you are struggling with your son...
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    Hi Tanya--

    You didn't mention the age of your son, but BM accidents are often a sign that there is a serious problem. Unless this is a little boy that is still struggling with toilet training, then I think he needs to be seen by his pediatrician, as well as a neuropyschologist. Make sure that there is not a physical problem--and if everything is OK there....then you'll want to explore emotional or mental issues that may be present.

    Good luck!!

    Let us know how it goes...

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    Thanks for answering my thread. My son is 8 years old. He has been seeing a child and adolscent therapist since the middle of kindergarten. She thinks that part of it is inmaturity. He has always been a little behind socially, I know this will probably sound stupid but what does a neuropyschologist do? What does it involve? His therapist has ruled out Autism/Aspergers. I have an appointment Wednesday morning with his therapist I will ask her about the NeuroPysch.

    Thanks again for the support I am really enjoying this web site.
    I will let you know what I find out.

    Till later
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    Having the therapist rule out Autism is like having the nurse rule out cancer. A neuropsychologist is a trained PhD that does a battery of tests to determine why a child is acting the way they are. My oldest son was 8, we had gone through many diagnosis including Conduct Disorder and we got into a study that included a neuropsychologist exam -- Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified/Autism, Life became so much better once we started treating the cause rather than just reacting to the effects.
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    omg!! i went through the pooping with my soon around that age, too. it took forever to get a diagnosis. it was encopresis. look it up, seriously. it is caused by constipation, which doesn't make sense at first because he is pooping his pants. i felt soooo bad for punishing my son for something that was beyond his control. they really don't know that they are pooping or why.....and it takes quite some time to rectify the situation, but it can be done. good luck!
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    Hi there, i'm new here so I hope you can all help and support me also. I am caring for a nearly 8 year old with encopresis and an intellectual disability.
    I am learning a lot about encopresis.
    Things I have been working on with my little cherub:
    We have a stool near the toilet for the feet to sit on; no goofing around on the toilet, hands on lap, and gently blowing on hand; a 4 minute timer. A reward book for stickers. The stickers are for going to the bathroom, even if a little reluctantly, every 30-40 mins or when an 'accident' is noted; special stickers for taking initiative to go; and special stickers if she is clean and dry.
    Unfortunately, we regress a little when returned to mum for the weekend. At school, they have the same process and are very supportive. We don't use pull ups except for bedtime although her old school has made a rule that no pull ups, no school as they don't want 'accidents' on their carpet. It is hard to know how much my little one understands, as she is happy to stand around in wet or pooey clothes. She is on Movical every day to keep the stools soft, and this could be for another 2 years until her bowel is repaired. However, I'm off to the paediatrician with all my observations of the past month to ask more questions.... The intellectual problem may or may not be related. I know there was some 'abuse' when younger because of poor parenting skills (not unlike the recent news article about the mother who fed liquidised pizza) where mum didn't give correct nutrition, i.e. pure juice at a few weeks old; toddler food at a couple months old etc. whatever was convenient.

    Any suggestions? or perhaps my post might have given someone a few other ideas?