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    Anyone know anything about Savella? It's an SNRI and it's been prescribed to easy child for some chronic pain in her neck. Isn't that similar to effexor? I thought effexor was an SNRI?

    I'm a little ambivalent about SNRI's being prescribed for chronic pain overall and I've never heard of this one before. Thanks!
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    Savella is not FDA approved for depression even though it's an AD. It's approved for fibromyalgia and maybe for other pain issues, or is being used off-label for other pain issues. I haven't checked on it for a while.
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    I take 200 mgs of savella every day for Fibromyalga. It works wonderfully and it was the first drug that I tried. it is now being changed from a tier 2 drug to a tier 3 drug. That just increased the cost by double for me with my insurance. I did pay 30.00 now going to pay 60.00 with Health Alliance.
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    I knew I had heard about it before but hadnt taken it. No, have no first hand knowledge. I was going to tell about a new depression drug I just heard about called Viibryd. No info on it but saw the brochure at my doctor's office so I brought the name home to post here.
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    Thank you. I'm also concerned because she needs to taper on to it for two weeks before she gets to a therapeutic dose and after difficult child's exp with lamictal that just freaks me out. And I know they're not exactly the same class of medications but they're both strong medications.

    Also, easy child has never been good about remembering to take vitamins or BCPS or any medications so I worry about that as well. She hasn't started them yet-ill speak with her today.

    I've been begging her to see a new dr and she finally called yesterday but grew frustrated with the availability and said forget it. This practice is awesome-I wish she would go!!!!
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    medications management... for "dummies like me"... means using weekly pill-boxes. Once a week, the boxes get loaded, and they LIVE on the kitchen table, by each person's plate. Some medications are breakfast, some are supper... but they are in our faces. Otherwise... none of us could be sure if we took our dose or not, and we don't want double dosing (dangerous) nor missed doses (almost as dangerous).
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    I live by my pill box too but I could never leave it anywhere other than my bedroom. Too many sticky fingers coming in and out of my house and I have narcotics in my box.