saving about an update on your son?

saving grace

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Thanks for keeping us in mind.

Things here are pretty much the same, no worse no better. As Cookie described in her latest post about her days mine are pretty much the same.
I have realized that as long as it doesnt get worse then I will tolerate the intrusion in my life. having him here does reduce alot of the stress of wondering where he is and what he is doing.

He is not working, he has used drugs a few times, he sleeps and watches tv all day. He doesnt have a license he doesnt have money. I bring him home job ads, I tell him that if he gets an interview I will drive him there, thats about it from me. He has gotten a few call backs from places but he needs a valid drivers license. Federal Express and Airtran Airways. It just kills me of the opportunities that he is missing. He lost a job at American Airlines when he was just 18! he could have been all set but he couldnt pass the drug test. Then Fed Ex called back and asked him to interview for another job that did not require driving but the hours were 4:30 till 9am, he couldnt take that one either because there are no buses or trains that run at that hour around here. He gets frustrated and let down and gives up for awhile and thinks there is no use so why try.

Good news is that Massachusetts just passed a new Health Care Reform Law and I have been able to add him back on to my health insurance for the time being. This means that he now has more access to counselers and medication if needed. He has always wanted to go on the Suboxone treatment but never had the insurance to pay for it and it is not offered in free care. So we will see where this goes.

For now Janet I take it day by day, I personally feel better than I have in a very long time. I switched from Zoloft to Wellbutrin and it has made a huge difference. I joined Weight Watchers to lose the 20 pounds I gained with my now 4year old. and I exersise all the time, I feel happy and husband and I are having alot of fun again.

I love this board and everyone here more than I could express. I may not post as often as others but I am here every day and post when I can or feel that I have something to add.

and Janet... I use Antand you as my inspiration, I know it can be done, I know someday I will get my son back.



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Good to hear from you Grace. You sound really "up". That's great that you are feeling better and sounds like you are somewhat detached also. :bravo:


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Good to hear he's back on insurance. Check into the suboxone. Mine has been on it for quite awhile now. He did stop taking it over the summer and relapsed, but it made him realize the importance of taking it the way he should and staying clean. For him it's been a life saver and has really helped him to start a normal life. He's working, paying his rent, doing well and will hopefully think about coming off it sometime soon, now that he's learned to live normally.


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You certainly do sound much more upbeat! Glad to hear you're taking things one day at a time, but getting on with your life.