Saw difficult child at rehab

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. AmericanGirl

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    Spent two hours with difficult child at rehab today. I swear he isn't even close to the same kid I took there 10 days ago.

    He talked...listened...shared things like how afraid he was to be anywhere near alcohol. How he was going to have to find new friends. He admitted stuff. No defenses. No excuses. He was polite and interested in me. Affectionate even in front of peers his age.

    I brought him two Ralph Lauren tshirts. He was nice but said that he didn't care about brand names anymore. I told him they cost $14 each at the outlet store. He laughed and said if that was all I paid, then he'd keep them...otherwise, I should return them cause he didn't need expensive stuff.

    Talked to to nurses without him around. They praised him. This place has classes and meetings seven days a week.

    We still have a long way to go and much to work out but I'm just thankful I got two hours of actually enjoying his company. It's a good start and I am so grateful.
  2. Kathy813

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    Thanks for the great update. We need some good news around here.

    Hooray for your difficult child!

  3. DDD

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    AG, I am so happy to read about your visit. I'm rooting for you both that he may be one of the teens who truly gets it in his brain and his heart early on. Fingers crossed. DDD
  4. Nancy

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    AG I am so happy for you. I'm crossing everything that this is a new beginning for him. Kathy is right we need some good news. May he be the hope we are looking for.

  5. toughlovin

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    Good news AG.... hope it continues.

  6. Calamity Jane

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    Wonderful news! Sounds like he's clear-headed and looking forward. Terrific news - I'm so happy for you both!
  7. pinevalley

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    Wow! What great news! It sounds like your difficult child might be one of those teens who is really serious about his recovery. I need to hear about a success story, because my 18 year old difficult child is still in denial about any problem. Thanks for sharing your good news.
  8. exhausted

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    This is wonderful AG. I'm glad he is getting well and the clear head makes all the difference!