Saw him the first time since Mother's Day


Well my son finally came around to my house today. (He needed cap and gown for graduation practice tomorrow). He is still driving his Dad's vehicle. (Dad drives it too). Since I took his car away at my house. He hugged me. Wanted so much to forget this drug nightmare has entered our lives. Dad reports he is doing well when I call and ask. I hope this is true, but I'm not convinced. I didn't give him any of the graduation money that has come in. I have just put it in his college account. I didn't try to talk to him about things today. I know he knows how I feel and that I can't change things for him. Love that boy so much. It's hard to feel so helpless. I was happy to see him though. My husband wanted to give him money for graduation. I began to tell him the stories I've read on here and how that would not be helpful.


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I think you're doing everything right.

He knows that you love him and want what's best for him. I think putting the money away for him is a great idea also.

You are so very fortunate that his father is in the picture and is working with him. You can't change what happens but you have to count your blessings on this one.

Maybe you could get him a gift card for a store he likes instead of cash for graduation.


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As painful as it is to have him so close yet at the same time, so far away, I am very happy that your son came over and showed you affection/love. I know your feelings so well, your situation is not so different from mine. We're taking both our kids out for dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to it, and hope for a good visit.

You're making the right choice to stash his graduation money in his college account. I am hopeful that Difficult Stepson will manage to earn a high school diploma however, there won't be a cap and gown for him as he is attending online school. This is easier for me to accept than my wife. I didn't walk the stage at my graduation simply because I didn't want to. She (wife) is more into the pomp and circumstance.

One day at a time. Glad to hear the visit went well.


Thanks RNO. Means a lot. Culturanta, I want to hear how your dinner went. I felt about the prom like your wife felt about graduation. That was a hard blow for me not to be a part of that. I told him to make sure he sought me out when it was over(graduation). He says he will. RNO, I think about your situation a lot. You are a strong woman. I send prayers for you both.