Scam rehab?


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Does anyone have any experiences with rehab? I'd like to find an affordable, or at least, competent long term substance abuse rehab. My daughter is finishing up a 12 day detox/rehab and now is given the choice between transitional sober living home or a halfway house. Both offer some support, but I would like her to have many more weeks to work on her issues. I have had one treatment center hound me and I feel suspicious of that, even though they make it sound wonderful.


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I wouldn't trust a hard sell. Around here most rehabs only take you after detox, and the rehab is 30 days with sober living after that. The 12 day detox/rehab sounds like a strange thing to me. Detox here is usually 7-10 days, though it can be as little as 3 depending on what substance you are on. Then you go to rehab. I have heard of 90 day rehabs, but not in my area. I don't know where you are, but I know my brother went to a really good rehab here but it was 10 years ago or more. I think rehab only works if you want it to, but that is just my opinion. From what I have heard, you must really hit bottom and want to change, be uncomfortable enough with your life to change to have rehab of any length of time really work.

I hope your child successfully gets clean and sober and stays that way. It isn't a short process or an easy or smooth one, but it is possible.

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I can't give you any particular names, but I do know that people have had a lot of success with the Salvation Army, In this area they are at least a longer term rehab option.

The length of detox may depend on what substances and in what amounts they are being used.


I guess we can't give names. Our son had to detox in a hospital...was evaluated by a rehab our insurance backed...did initial 30 days residential...then with some insurance and personal money did another 12 weeks intensive. We truly needed that for him to get and be monitored by a good psychologist, medication doctor and had a personal counselor and family counselor.

Please...if you think this is a dual diagnosis, make sure they deal with this. If she self's layers of ours had time to find steady medications....7 months later we have better medications.

Our son did sober living..beware...they are businesses. Simply a stepping stone to living on your own. He still does not live on his own, but he was usually the youngest in sober living.

Hope this helps, you can. Pm me if you want more info.



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mof, you could always PM her the name. In my experience, there are good and bad expensive and inexpensive rehabs. I would worry about one that is pursuing your daughter. Can you ask the detox doctors/nurses for suggestions?
My daughter is finishing up a 12 day detox/rehab and now is given the choice between transitional sober living home or a halfway house.

Honestly, I don't see how your daughter would be ready for a sober living home or halway house after a 12-day stay in detox/rehab. In my opinion, even a 30 day rehab stay is not enough. Ideally, a 3 month inpatient stay followed by a long term stay in a halfway house gives the best chance for a successful recovery.

I would do a lot of research into any rehabs or halfway houses before you send your daughter. Also, unless your daughter wants to stop using, the best rehab in the world won't work.

As far as halfway houses, there are a lot of shady ones out there. My daughter was in one that was literally a flophouse and she moved on to heroin while she was there. Many in Florida are getting kickbacks from IOP's which is illegal. Check them out very carefully.

There are also wonderful programs out there. My daughter went from an Inpatient rehab to a very structured IOP/halfway house program and has been successful working through the different levels.

The Salvation Army where I live only takes men. That was true where my daughter was in Florida, too. Sadly, I have found that there are a lot more rehabs and halfway houses for men than there are for women.

It might help if you could tell us the general area where you are. Members could PM you with suggestions. I know of an excellent rehab here in Georgia if that would help. They are expensive but do take insurance.



I agree Kathy...we wished we could have had our son in the program they suggested...but insurance would not pay...the amount was beyond what we could sacrifice.

We ended up with sober living backed by the rehab..but s till beware a d visit, ask lots of questions. We felt lost.


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I live in Michigan. I've actually been advised to take her off my insurance and have her apply to Medicaid in order to qualify for longer rehab. What's wrong with that picture?? She may not be ready, but I want to have options if she is. She is basically just been detoxed. If she doesn't find a decent program, it will all be a waste. I'm not opposed to Georgia. It's a straight shot down I75 or I65.


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I would't want to do anything severe as taking my Difficult Child off my insurance. Could be impossible to get them back on I'd think.


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Actually often Medicaid covers more for longer term than private insurance. Sometimes you can get more services too. And you don't go broke. I find at least here that Medicaid is taken almost everywhere unless it is a place that is more about making a boatload than helping the people. Check services in your area. Again out here the quality of care is the same whether you use private insurance and go broke after the insurance stops or if you have Medicaid. Do not go broke over this. It won't change anything.