Scary guy at the door looking for difficult child


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OH man!!! Yesterday night we were just about to go to bed around 11:30pm when the front doorbell rang. Thank goodness husband was up and about because he answered it. There was a scary looking man around 20 years old with piercing's everywhere looking for my difficult child. This is the second person who has come calling for difficult child in about a week's time. I don't get it. difficult child has been gone for a year and all of a sudden out of nowhere people are showing up here. I thought maybe difficult child was writing to these people from prison and telling them he was getting out soon.
husband visited difficult child yesterday and asked him if he did that. difficult child says no and that he doesn't have any idea who it was. This is scary cause one of the guys involved in the burglary and some of the guys who bought the guns that were taken have made serious threats against difficult child. So here it is a year after difficult child was taken into custody and I am still dealing with the undesirable people he hung out with. I guess I should just be glad he rang the bell and not anything else. Still it is scary and I am once again trying to shake off the fear of something horrible happening. Does it ever end??? -RM


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RM~ It does seem like it never ends.

I am lucky I guess, between my husband that has never said a nice word to the thuggy buddies that show up looking for my difficult child and my very large group of furkids (7 at last count) no one can even slow down in front of our house without setting off the barking.

The dogs are either in the fence or in the house, but no one,
unless invited, gets out of the car.

I had a fear of the drug dealer my difficult child dealt with, but when it all went to court my difficult child was left paying back all the money for the stolen items. The drug dealer is in jail for some other charge now.
I understand your feelings of something happening. I have layed wide awake many nights feeling those same feelings.

Maybe the rumor that he was home started and these guys all pick up where it ended before our difficult children left.
That is one reason I think they struggle so much when they return home, all these old buddies come out of the woodwork and want to go hang out and have a good time like they did before they left.

Hopefully that is the case.
When someone tells someone they have seen my son, my phone starts ringing with people calling him.
Its like they have there own little underground network


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RM, in retrospect, I guess one of the *positives* of Rob's lousy social skills is that he didn't have any friends (or, thank goodness, enemies either) to come back to haunt us later.

I'm glad your husband was home- it's a cinch I would NOT have answered the door :smile:. Did you get the guy's name? If yes, do you have any contacts at the police department who would look up and tell you if your visitor was friend or foe?



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HH, I have a dog but he doesn't bark and is no threat at all to anyone. just a big mushy hound. I have often told husband that I needed another dog, one that barked but husband won't go for it.

SUZ, If I had been alone I definately would not have opened the door. I was not even happy that husband did. He is not a big man and even though very strong his appearance doesn't throw a scare into anyone. husband did not get the name of the guy and and just said that difficult child didn't live here anymore. As for a police inquiry into the identity of this person, we have nobody at the police department we could talk to.

The reason The threats were made aginst difficult child is because difficult child had co-operated with the police after the burglary in their effort to get the guns off the streets. this was supposed to lessen the charges against difficult child. (not sure that happened but maybe it did) That is why difficult child has so many enemies. When he agreed to be the lookout he had no idea that guns were the thing the other guys were after. He did however help them carry them back to the ringleader's place. So difficult child could have been charged with weapons crimes but by helping the police we think he avoided those charges by the locals. The feds didn't get involved although we were told that was a possibility. difficult child was charged with theft only. the judge saw that difficult child is a perp but also a victim. His low intellegence and desire to be "cool" is why he is exceptionally vulnerable to being the stooge for more savy crimminals. Anyway I am thinking that it is a good thing that the Po didn't release difficult child. Maybe he needs to stay in prison for the full 18 months. Maybe if he does these unsavories will forget that he exists. In the meantime I guess I will need to keep a can of pepper spray handy. -RM


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One of my customers gave me a police can of pepper spray. It is very small and not only contains police strength pepper spray but it also has a very loud siren sounding alarm.
She got it from the police dept. and gave it to me to have at the shop.

Also, even though husband says no to another dog, I would revisit the topic with him. I have a very strong sense of security with the dogs. Not only am I alarmed when anyone comes by, but anyone that visits can see that there is a dog that will bark ~ they have no idea if they will bite or not (between us~they would knock them down and lick them silly if given the chance,lol)

But I know the feelings you have about the unknown. I am sure you wonder just what these other guys are capable of.

When I had those same feelings, I was very happy to have the dogs around.


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Maybe you should consider getting a security system with a panic alarm. I doubt any "friends" of difficult child would be friends of yours.

Hound dog

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Scarey. None of stepgfg's friends like that ever came around our house. Not even sure you could actually consider them "friends" of hers.

I'd revisit the dog thing too. Personally, I'll never live without one. Not one of mine are trained to protect. Yet Molly has attacked intruders on 3 seperate occasions. And I'll never forget the sound of the bark/growl that came from her when she did. Turned my blood to ice. Up til then I used to think she'd be a big baby. NOT! Rowdy, the outside dog only barks at strangers that mess with the house/yard. So if he barks it gets my attention immediately.

If the dog isn't a possibility with husband, then some sort of alarm system that can alert police and make alot of noise. You deserve peace of mind.


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Thanks Daisy, HH and TM, I am looking into a radio alarm system as this old house cannot be retrofitted for a hard wire system without tearing it up terribly. husband is really against another dog. We already have one and the neighbor next door has three. husband says that is too much already. Maybe I can train my new kitten to be a watch cat??? :hypnosis: I am also going to ask the police department about the pepper spray. -RM