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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by scoot, Jul 6, 2013.

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    can anything be added or written into the IEP,for the school bus?
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    Do you mean to have your child ride the school bus, or for an aide or other accommodation on the school bus?

    In either case, the answer is yes. Transportation is a "related service", just like PT/Occupational Therapist (OT)/ST, etc. Some districts are easier to deal with re: buses than others. My difficult child got transportation automatically just because my district provided transportation to all sped kids, even though it's mainly a walk-to-school district. No way would I have ever been able to let him walk to school. I made them specify in IEP that there would be at least 1 aide on the bus as well. It was necessary to make sure he wasn't crawling around on the floor or otherwise being dangerous.
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    My son was badly beaten up on school bus in middle school,when asked if I can have it in his IEP that he sit toward the front at all Tims,it was dismissed.When he had to ride the bus last year,the driver just let him off anywhere he wanted.He ended up following some one off the bus and walking home.I would think there should b certasin rules,and not any kid can get on or off the bus where ever they please.Last year because he is a high school we,it was very hard for the bus driver to comply with-my wishes to sit where the driver could keep an eye on him
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    It sounds like the regular bus is a bit more than he can handle. Does the school have alternative transportation for special needs kids?
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    IC, they do.

    Scoot, when my son was younger, he could not handle a lot of children with him so a van picked him up AT OUR HOUSE and dropped him off at the school entrance where a teacher met him. This is available to all special needs children. Your school is just not telling you about it. Read my response to your first message and bring up the bus when you talk to the advocate. Obviously, your son should be taken to school by alternate services. Where I live, cabs even sometimes pick up and drop off kids at the school's expense. They don't like to spend the money, but they don't have a choice.

    You are missing that special diagnosis that you need and you will have to go outside the school district to get a comprehensive evaluation. diagnosis. of ADHD or ODD are mild diagnoses and not seen as serious and your son sounds like a lot more than ADHD/ODD is going on anyway. The schools don't respond much with just ADHD/ODD. In our school district they don't even have to accomodate ADHD. You need a total battery of tests, 6-10 hrs. worth, on your son. I like neuropsychs best, especially for older kids.

    In it, tell the evaluator to list accomodations he thinks your child needs, including transportation. My son got everything that the outside neuropsychologist demanded because by then the school was pretty scared of me and my husband. They knew that, along with our advocate, we would take them to court if they tried anything funny. Plus the Dept. of Public Education can do an investigation on the school district too. And this influences how much money each district gets. They don't want any investigations.

    You need to start making waves. Being nice doesn't work. You should always try being nice at first, but when you are clearly getting tossed around, you need to put on your Mom Warrior Gear and fight for your child and you can't really get anywhere either alone or just working within the school system. You need outsider help.

    Keep us posted!!!
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    OK,there is a special needs bus,but it only runs to the middle school,it doesn't go to the highschool.He has to ride regular bus,but I feel that the kids shouldn't be allowed to get on and off where ever they want to at least without a note from a parent.Last year it was hard to get him to have a seat in the front.The sped supervisor said nothing for the bus can be added to his IEP.I am still calling different places.Did you say that the department of education had advocates??Last time,I took an pti,to a meeting,I ended leaving in tears.....