school handling of bee stings - possible inequities for easy child?


I don't know whether this is intentional toward your easy child or not.

I can say that I have been around long enough, dealt with a number of school districts, and have experienced personal retaliation with-my son as the direct target so I know that this type thing is possible.

And your sd has quite a history....


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Thank you both of you....for being there. I do not know, either. I made a reply over at watercooler.

Sometimes it just helps to say the fears out loud, get them out in the open.....
At first when I posted I mostly was just griping and venting, not thinking so much about retaliation as just .hmm this is kinda....different? Kinda like just gossiping or something.

easy child dtr is a strong kid and a good kid....and I will keep an eye open....and son? well, he is, resilient. SO for now I am monitoring them both.....doing the best I know how to do, and we are hanging in there. For now both kids seem happy and OK.
With some luck maybe we can ride the waves?

Kinda reminds me of the Kenny Rogers song, "know when to hold em and know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run" or the serenity prayer, courage to change the things I can? accept the things I cannot change? Trying to keep an open mind and a watchful eye.

THank you.