School is OUT!

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Whew! :faint:

    We finally made it! difficult child 1's 8th grade promotion ceremony was yesterday morning. He was wandering around the house before we left saying he felt nervous -- it was very cute. But I made sure to remind him it was going to be exactly the way they'd practiced at school the day before, the only difference is that dad, grandma and I would be watching, and then he suddenly realized the truth in this and relaxed :)

    It was a very nice, simple ceremony that only took an hour for the 200+ students involved. We took difficult child 1 to an early lunch with my mom, then picked up the other two kids who got out early that day and went home.

    Later that day I had difficult child 1's IEP assessment meeting... I'll post more over on General.

    I feel good not having school to deal with for a few months. It's amazing how oppressive it begins to feel!

    husband wants to take a vacation since he won't be able to once he gets a new job. But the timeshare we own is booked because he didn't reserve anything earlier in the year. That's too bad because it's already paid for. He kept telling me he didn't want to reserve anything because he didn't know if he'd lose his job... in my opinion he should have booked it anyway, but then I know how differently he and I think.

    So now he's trying to plan a camping trip (not my fav, but then, we haven't tried to do this since difficult child 1 was a baby and it was disastrous). And he's not aware that the places he wants to go require campground reservations and are often booked a year in advance -- but lord help me if I say that because then I'm raining on his parade! He wanted to leave Saturday, but I reminded him that's the day he has to go in to the office and clean out his cubicle, plus it would only give me ONE day to prepare EVERYTHING not to mention FINDING someone who will watch the animals while we're gone. If it was just the two of us it wouldn't be such an undertaking to take off and hit the road with no idea where we'd be staying. But life isn't so simple. And since I've been the one orchestrating our vacations all these years while he's at work, he has not had the visibility of what goes into it.

    So he reluctantly agreed that Saturday would be too soon to try to leave. :hammer:

    I don't know what we'll be doing. We're still reeling from the layoff, but I agree he needs to take a break. I'm going to look into nearby campgrounds that aren't as popular as the ones he's thinking of and suggest those on the grounds of gas savings, time savings, etc. He and the kids just want to fish. I just want to not think about anything for a few days!
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    I hope you're able to get away for a few days. I agree that camping isn't my thing. The idea of a cabin with running water and a real bed, now that I can get excited about. We may head out the nearest mountain resort for a weekend here soon also.
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    It sounds like a little mini break will do you all some good. I hope you can find something close by that has the fishing and things the boys want to do, but where you can be comfortable and relax as well. Enjoy yourselves!!!!!! Time enough to worry about layoffs etc when you are all relaxed and have had a little fun.
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    A Camping trip is probably just what you all need and I bet the kids would just love it!
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    Enjoy! And, just for Star...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Alice Cooper - School's Out[/ame]