School Planning For difficult child: Behavior Goals

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  1. Does anyone have a suggestion about a simple plan (perhaps already developed or an outline) for behavior goals? In doing some reading, it looks like this is pretty common for kids that go to therapeutic schools and/or have a good program to work with behavior issues in the public schools. I want to start something similar for difficult child when school starts up.
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    Who would implement and monitor the plan?

    What kinds of behaviors are you interested in working on?
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    My Youngest has a behavior plan in place in high school .. it started with a questionnaire from her IEP case manager. I got the impression it was a common thing requested in IEPs .. so maybe you could start with the school.
  4. I would write and implement the plan with his teachers; it would be put into place at his school. difficult child goes to a private school at the moment - no IEPs. I spend a lot of time at school working with them so that they can work with difficult child; they've been wonderful at listening and trying different things so far. What I don't like about the school is the fact that I don't necessarily know things are going down until it's almost too late. (But in fairness, this is often how it goes).

    Behaviors I am interested in include attention/focus (yes - ADHD, but he also will never force himself to do anything he doesn't want and then starts misbehaving); no yelling out in the classroom, general name calling of the other kids, etc. I haven't put much thought into the specifics at this time.

    No real thought given on rewards in detail; most likely money since it's about the only thing that has even minimal motivation for him. The biggest motivator will be his ability to pass to the next grade. My biggest motivation in the end - beyond just short-term, is having him work on new skills/behaviors so that he can go back to public schools in the 8th grade. Our hope is that this is a short-term plan. But it may not be . . .

    difficult child's IEP in the public schools didn't focus much on behavior because he was typically pretty good at school; although it might be different if he were there today. He would spend all day totally focused on controlling his actions - and then let down at home. At private school, he doesn't care so much about what other people think (common problem with many of the kids - all have learning disabilities). Same now at home and school for the most part.

    We have a psychiatrist appointment next week and I thought it might not be a bad idea to bring something to discuss with me at the visit.

    Where he frequently struggles with behavior, maybe, is that he doesn't seem to understand, poor - ok - good - great behavior. If he's doing the minimum, seems to be "good" to him; and he never understands when things then change so quickly (since in our opinion, behavior is borderline to begin with). Of course, he's also very good at manipulation - probably some of both. I was thinking that having behavior goals might help him visually see where he is doing well and where he is struggling?

    The other reason I want the plan is so that if he gets really bad and I have to pull him and go back to public schools, I'll have something for his public school to work with, documentation, and perhaps most importantly, something beyond Mom/school's opinion about why it's happening.