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Hi I am new to this forum. I live in Minnesota which is where my grandaughter also lives she is 6 years old and just diagnosed with odd.My son and wife are having problems at the school Not giving her her medicine when she is supposed to have it. Giving it to her to early and ther are other things not working . Are thee advocates that they can contact to help them with the school and help my grandaughter get the right help? She goes to school all day and now with only 3 months left they think she should only go for a half a day because they are having most of the problems in the afternoon I think that would be showing her either defeating or see what I can get away with if I'm not good.
I love her so much and hate to see all the struggles so early. They are still in the beginning stages of medicine and trying to find out helpfull solutions Anybody famaliar with the doctors in St paul or Minneapolis minnesota that youve heard about for young kids

Thanks for any help you can give


Hi and welcome.

We do not post names of doctors or other specialists on the site. However, anyone who has experience in the area you are asking about is free to send you a private message (PM) with the information.

I think that your son and daughter should register on this site if they have concerns. It is hard to give second hand information to a third party through a website. In this forum, we try to help parents get the services under special educaiton law that their children are entitled to.

There are lots of procedures to follow, but most parents who are determined, can become effective advocates for their child. In very complicated cases, it is best to have an on the scene advocate to attend meetings with the parents.

Do you live close to them?n It would help us if you would prepare a signature with the age and diagnosis of the child. With many members, it helps everyone remember the particulars of the person who is writing. See my signature below--although I have been here a long time and am at the absolute limit of how long a sig can be. Others are much shorter.

Welcome to our world!