schools out Yikes !!


trying to survive....
I know so many of you are so glad to be finished with school.

For us, however its yikes !!! difficult child had a great year and I loved his teacher. The worse part of each day was lunch/recess. He even did well in aftercare.

He is scheduled to be in camp for most of the summer but this makes me very nervous. Last summer there were some diffucult times...The staff is much less trained and experienced than teachers. The camp is great-everyone has fun...but...He has a very hard time with competition--He is not able to fully enjoy the whole camp activities with winners and losers. I'm hoping he has grown and that this summer will be better than last. I am home during most of the summer, but being home full time is not an option because it's too much down time. He is going to three different camps and hopefully there is enough variety that it will be ok.

I'm very happy for those of you who are glad to be finished with school--and good luck with camps and summer.

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I always considered school respite. kt's last day of the regular school year is Tuesday; she heads back for extended school year on the 25th.

jannie, keeping fingers crossed that difficult child has a better summer this year.


There's good and bad in both. Sometimes it's just different issues. Instead of the daily morning battles and the evening sickness, I end up dealing with too much sibling togetherness. However, school for my difficult child is her biggest trigger, so things are always calmer in the summer.

I hope that camp goes better this year for your kiddo.

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I can certainly understand what you are saying. husband and I are both home all summer and yet difficult child being home all summer with us is just not a healthy option.

That being said I will be glad when school is over. Our difficult child had a horrible year of school more due to spec. ed teachers than anything else.

difficult child will be in day camp four weeks and wrestling camp one week-at least we're hoping as we have dragged our feet and don't have him signed up yet. The first two weeks out he won't go to camp but will have swimming lessons every morning.

I hope your difficult child's summer goes well and that he does great at camp this year!