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I was told by a neighbor t just go. But he yelled and screamed, bounced his head off the wall told me to go away. then later get out. My heart is breaking he just simply say these thngs, he screams them. Wish I had a place to go. Not to prove anything to him. But for me, to NOT hafe to deal with him being so unblievably mean. don't they know that when they use that way how much it really, really hurts someone. So, work tonight. That should make him happy. Won't be hime unil afternoon tomorrow. we don't even have to see each other.
I do not even make any since anymore. All I know is my heart is broken and sinking.

I'll be back for you allnighters...I'll be back at 12:30 am.

Have an excellent day. Remember, could be much, much worse.

I admire how each and everyone of you have everything undercontroll and have s good outlook


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Try not to take it personally-even thought it is, I understand that. BT too. I don't think that difficult child's always realize the depth of the pain that they sometimes cause because they think the world revolves around them. Sometimes my difficult child would intentionally say hurtful things to me and sometimes hurtful things came out in the heat of the moment. Sometimes there were apologies later and sometimes there weren't. I think alot of it was his immature way of handling his own issues. If his mood was off... if he was angry, fearful,depressed he lashed out.

Try to redirect your difficult child when he is being disrespectful to you but don't take his "meaness" to heart. Remember that he loves you and he needs you no matter what may come out of his mouth from time to time.

It would help me to pull out a fond memory of difficult child (no matter how far I had to go back in time lol)and think of it when my difficult child was being mean and hurtful.

Take care.


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I agree... our G'sfg have no idea the depth of pain they cause us. To try not to take it personally is what it's all about, impossible though it is.
Oh, how I wish we had it all under control, KJ! If we did, we wouldn't be here!
I only have a good outlook when I'm home alone, with-a cup of tea and a pkg of M&Ms and I'm typing away online here. :smile:

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Remember, always remember, to kindly thank your difficult child for sharing his feelings. (Don't forget to add a sarcastic tone - neither of my difficult children catches the sarcastic tone & it gives me a little mean way to get even.)

Sweetie, all the shouting, accusations, terms of endearment are very hard to ignore - too not take personally. Our difficult children humble us on a regular basis.

It's time to develop that rhino skin that is so needed. by the way, have you ever simply stated in a calm manner that you are difficult children mother & therefore deserve respect? Every now & then it works for kt.

Typically when kt or wm head toward a loud meltdown mode, I start talking softer & softer. If they want to hear me they'll have to lower the volume. A couple of times they've missed me offering ice cream.