Shampoo for thinning hair

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. KFld

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    Guess I'm not the only one who's difficult child has caused them hair loss :smile: according to all the requests for the shampoo I mentioned.

    The shampoo is called Nioxin. As far as I know you have to ask a hairdresser to order it from wherever they get their supplies. I have been using it for quite a while and it definatley works. I use the shampoo, the conditioner and a leave in gel and I like them all.
    I can do more of this now and it grows back /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

    Just kidding
  2. Suz

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    Nice to know, karen. Thanks. I was thinking that with my peach fuzz and your hair we could be trendsetters modeling our new

    And now we won't have to!

  3. Jen

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    My daughter in law that is a hair dresser has gotten my 2 hair products to make my hair fuller, one is a gel, and the other is a spray, they are called Paul Mitchell Body Boost, and Thickens Hair products.

  4. Suz

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    I noticed on Saturday that our local "Trade Secrets" store at the mall had several shelves of Nioxin products.

  5. dstc_99

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    The only problem with Nioxin is that when you stop using it it stops working. A lot of people dont like the idea of using it for life. Did you know it is actually a blood pressure medicine? LOL Guys started taking it for HBP and their hair grew back.

    You could also try the Aveda system that is available. I have used it with good results so far. I can't use the shampoo because it cant be used on colored hair so I buy a different Aveda shampoo instead. But I am in love with the thickening conditioner!
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    I use the Invati by Aveda and also take Biotin orally - it has made a huge difference in the the thinning of my hair. I started having so much hair falling out. I started taking the Biotin and then using the Invati. Within 30 days the amount of hair in my comb after shampooing has been cut by 80%!!!!! I also actually see new hair growth.

  7. Wakegirl

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    Talk about perfect timing!! I was just at a salon today looking for products for thinning hair. I'm assuming that my difficult child has caused this catastrophe (lol), since I've had every hormone/thyroid test done, and everything comes back normal. It's been going on for a couple of years now, and it's very alarming!!! My hands are always caked with hair when I wash it in the mornings, and then I literally see it falling all over my robe when I blow dry. The lady at the salon did advise that I go to the Aveda salon and buy the Invati. I've spent so much $$ on hair products, so I thought I'd read reviews on it first. A lot of reviewers claimed that it dried their hair out. I also have highlighted hair, so I guess I'll just try the conditioner. Or possibly the Nioxin. Heck, I may try both together. Lol. I'm desperate! I was recently told that a dermatologist can give you cortisone shots in your scalp that will halt the hair loss. Sounds painful, but who cares at this point? :)
  8. dstc_99

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    Buy the conditioner and the oil stuff that you put on your scalp. As for the shampoo they have a color safe shampoo that isn't part of the system you can use. I dont find it drying at all.

    Oh yeah and I forgot I take the Biotin as well and that helps greatly!
  9. SearchingForRainbows

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    Didn't see this thread until today but since it was started within the past three months, thought I would add to it. I've had thinning hair for about four years. After a scalp biopsy and three dermatologists, I was diagnosed with Female Pattern Baldness. The third dermatologist, my current one, told me if I hadn't been under extreme stress, the reason why he believes my hair began falling out in the first place, that even though I eventually would have developed FPB, I probably wouldn't have noticed it until I was quite a bit older. It would have thinned so gradually that it probably wouldn't have been an issue at all. Scary how stress has such a huge effect on us physically as well as emotionally!

    I was already taking Finasteride when I first saw him (can be very dangerous for women who are either pregnant or able to have children) and he kept me on it but added BioSil and Biotin. The combination of the BioSil, Biotin and Finasteride has worked wonders for me. While I will always have thin hair, hopefully, by continuing to take Finasteride along with the BioSil and Biotin, I'll be able to keep the hair I have left. I have noticed some regrowth but it isn't enough to make a huge difference. I'm just glad I have enough hair left to cover the super thin spots.

    While I'm not recommending Finasteride to anyone, I think it wouldn't hurt to try BioSil. I don't think there are any negative side effects associated with it. You can buy it at GNC or at the Vitamin Shoppe. I've found that it's less expensive at the Vitamin Shoppe. You can also order it on line through Amazon. I take it 2x/day, once in the morning with breakfast and once at night with dinner. BioSil is supposedly good for nails and skin too.
  10. Nomad

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    This is weird. I just went through bad difficulties with difficult child...but also might very well have Thyroid issues. I have lost a lot of hair. I have had this happen before, so I am thinking back to what helped me before. The BioSil is one thing I am back taking. And I absolutely recall that it helped.
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    Great! Thanks for posting. :O)

  12. LittleDudesMom

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    I was in whole foods last weekend with my cousin and she was shopping for some soap. So, rather than move on ahead, I just slowing walked down the aisles just looking at the products - I never shop in the sundries department at whole foods. I was looking in the shampoo area and saw they had some biotin shampoo and conditioner that was relatively inexpensive at $8.99 a bottle. To me, that's reasonable since the aveda stuff is about $30 and these bottles were a pretty good size - just FYI.

  13. SearchingForRainbows

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    LDM, I'm going to be near a Whole Foods Market on Sunday. I haven't tried the Aveda, too expensive, especially because I'm already taking biotin orally. I think the added punch of taking it orally and using it topically too is a great idea! Thanks for sharing...