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    I just talked to Jamie about your Marine.

    He has offered for any of you guys to call him, your daughter in law or your son. However, do know that he didnt see combat but he has many friends who did and he is in contact with them quite often and even some of his coworkers are former Marines who served in combat.

    He gave me some interesting information though. The last 30 days of being over there are all classes about coming home. They are testing him for ptsd and teaching him about life back home.

    His wife will be one of the most important aspects of if he makes a successful return into his family. She needs to work with the family reunification program to learn what services are available plus she needs to realize that he has been on duty for the last however long 24/7 with no time off. He needs time off to have man time. If he needs to go out and go fishing or hunting or whatever his hobby is...let him. If he needs to go out with his buddies and get totally drunk for a few weeks, well thats okay too. This cant go on forever but a few weeks is expected.

    He will be told to not tell her everything he saw but he has to get it off his chest. Tell her not to ask too many questions but to be there when he needs to talk. Dont freak out but be there as a loving spouse. She will have to be the strong one for a while.

    He has been through a lot and it will take time for him to get back to normal but he should. All the guys Jamie knows that have come back, even those who have come back really wounded, are doing fine now.
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    up for shari
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    Oh, thank you Janet! I will pass this on to his wife. She says he's even been really short with her on their phone calls...I so hope this goes ok.
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    Jamie says this is to be expected but she should go to the classes they have for her too. If she is NC, get her butt to Lejeune. Or she can call Jamie. PM me and I will give you his number and he will be happy to talk to any of you guys. He is a really nice guy even though I complain about him on Remember when Cookie had all those problems with her son? She talked to Jamie several times on the phone.