She got me good

I'm on the phone with mom, complaining about my day (Tink was HORRIBLE), and I was whining about not feeling good and having a dirty house..."and then I have to deal with a difficult child on top of it", I said. She asked me what a difficult child is, and I said "Oh yeah, sorry, force of habit. It's a nickname. It means gift from God."

She says "Yeah, right. A gag gift."


If it were a stranger who said that, I would have flipped. But when mom said it, I LMAO.


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love it!

when I first got online, I didnt know one thing about computers. one day I saw a sign at a deli...LOL
I thought it meant laugh out loud. it was for LAND OF LAKES cheese.



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You are so funny.........I love it! :rofl:

I do believe this might need to be MY new acronym for Mat - because the other one is just not cutting it right now. :laugh: