Should I say It? It seems to be helping...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well difficult child has been on just the Abilify now for about 3 weeks, she is up to 3mg, we are giving her 2mg at night and 1mg in the am. We had to start at night due to fatigue and I just started the 1mg in the am this week.
Well she seems to be doing really well on it so far!!! None of the drooling, agitation, toungue thrust, mouth open that we had with Risperdal. She seems a lot more "normal" I guess, she is still completely up in the afternoon and unable to stay focused for long, "bored" all the time. She is still suffering the mood swings, depression, noone loves me etc. But she is not agressive, not so angry, not volatile... has gained a little weight... No tummy aches!!!

At her Occupational Therapist (OT) she is able to do a lot more as well also at her Gymnastics class as well!!!


We are going to try to get this up to a good level and then add a mood stabilizer...

Oh I hope this lasts...


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I am so happy about your news! That is wonderful that the Abilify is helping, and with the addition of the mood stabilizer it is probable that you take care of the mood symptoms as well. Yipee!!


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I am so glad that your difficult child is doing well on the Abilify. It is the only medication we found that helps with my difficult child's angry aggression. You still may need a mood stabilizer in the future but it is awsome you are beginning to see relief.



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That's wonderful. I'm so glad. Risperdal is our voodoo drug here, it's done awful things to my Dylan, but the Abilify was great.

Not to worry you, but remember, Abilify isn't really a long term use drug. So you have to keep playing with the dosage if/when you see it's fizzling out. That's why the mood stabilizer is so important, because THAT is for long term use.

Good to hear things are good. Yay!



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Great News !! :salute: Abilify has been great for us as well !! Just wondering do you have 1 mg tablets? I thought the smallest pill was 5 mg. I currently cut the 5 mg in half since he takes 2.5 in the am. How did you find such a small dosage??

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I'm so happy for your difficult child! I'm glad that this new medication addition is gaining her some stability.

Rattling beads it continues.

Thanks for sharing the good news.

I'm so happy difficult child is doing well on the Abilify!!! I hope you can get it up to a good level soon. The addition of a mood stabilizer sounds like a great idea. I'm glad she isn't as angry and explosive. difficult children are so much easier to deal with when they aren't ready to explode at the drop of a pin... I hope you continue to see lots of positive changes - I'll be keeping you in my thoughts... :flower: WFEN


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Thanks everyone!!! She was depressed this morning crying, but easier to get out of it... We are looking at Lamictal when we get back from our trip in the beginning of April.

Jannie- We have a 2mg pill I snap it in half, it is not divided but it snaps pretty easy, my psychiatrist had a bunch of samples (yeah) and then I got the script for the 2mg, my pediatrician. who was the one who suggested going 1mg at a time was the one who wrote the script. Our psychiatrist said just increase it as you see fit!!! I was not ok with that. Our difficult child just seems a little reactive, and with the Risperdal reactions me and the pediatrician wanted to go very slow to give this a chance.
I like our new psychiatrist but she seems kind of "care free" with the medications. Also told us to just Difficult Child the Tileptal, but me and pediatrician both thought we should titrate back down...

That is why I am glad I have this place and a good pediatrician!!!


T, glad things are going well. My difficult child 1 is very medication reactive as well, and we start low and go slow with everything. There is never any harm in being cautious. by the way, Lamictal has been the single most helpful medication for both my difficult children. I hope it works for your difficult child, too.


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Way To Go, Totoro! I've got my fingers crossed for continued success. :smile:
One of your comments made me wonder about my difficult child... he's always saying he's bored, too, and I don't know if that's moodiness as part of the bigger picture, or if he's just spoiled. I am big on letting him do what he wants when he's not in school or in sports... I want him to figure out how to satisfy himself instead of hanging around me all the time. (In addition to which, he's SO mean and cranky around me. I can't figure out why he wants to be with-me to begin with-.) :frown: