Sick of my 18 year old daughter!


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Hello everyone, I put this post in General Parenting and it was suggested that I come here since this concerns an adult child. The problem I'm dealing with is that I'm a 52 year old lady living with someone. My roommate didn't have a problem with me and my then 17 year old living there as long as she was doing something for herself. She was going to school and had a part time job. She is now 18 with no job and not going to school. On top of all this my roommate told my child that her boyfriend could stay there to which I was not happy about and let him know it. Now it's almost a year later and now there's problems. I let him know that since the apartment is in his name he would have to evict them. They do nothing but freeload. They stay up all night in the refrigerator, sleep all day and I'm tired of her lies and her meltdowns when she gets confronted on her garbage. The boyfriend works but he barely goes to college since he's been here. I have left to keep from killing her because things have gotten just that bad. I live in Schenectady, NY and calling the police is a joke. They just say that we have to learn to get along!! I can't really do anything because it's not my house. I need to know what can I do because I have had it.

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Hi Ladyinrage,
First, is that your "real" picture. If so I suggest changing it as we do try to keep our anonymity on this site.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this, our adult children can be very trying on us.

If the roommate said that she and boyfriend could stay there then it's on her to evict them, just as you said.

Is there somewhere else you can stay?


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Does your roommate want them gone?

Is he willing to do what it takes to get them out?

Is there some way for you to get your own place, especially if the roommate is not willing to get them to leave.

Not sure if the roommate is your SO or just a friend who is helping you out.

If the roommate is your SO, it would be best to let him know that this situation is no longer working out and he needs to start the eviction process, whatever that is in your state.

I wish I had a better answer. It sounds as if the situation is way out of control.


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Many of us have had to kick our adult kids out.

It is a hard thing to do, but sometimes it becomes necessary to our own mental health.