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  1. southermama3

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    Well I woke up at 4 am completely miserable. Running a fever aching severely and every step I took my knee would give out. I said I couldn't take it and drove myself to the ER. Once in triage the nurse called another nurse in to recheck my vitals. I knew I was running a fever but had no clue it was 103.9 after a third BiPolar (BP) check it was 178/98 and my pulse was 131. They took me straight back and started me on uv fluids and did a flu swab. My BiPolar (BP) was up so high bc i was in agony thanks to my RA. Dr came in quick and started treatment. Gave me a pain shot and fluids and swabbed me for the flu.Also gave me a rocephen shot and decadeon shot. Before leaving I got two ultram pills and a script for lortab tamiflu and pack. I tested positive for type2 flu. I came home feeling horrible and took a shower so I wouldn't give anyone else anything from the ER trip. boyfriend came out making snide remarks saying "did u have to use all the hot water" and "your obsessed with the ER" I got mad and showed him my Difficult Child results he just walked off making snide remarks. I swear I wished for once he could walk a mile in my shoes! Not only does it hurt my feelings but it leaves me feeling abandoned when I need him the most.

    Sorry to rant on here again but I'm just so sad right now and feel horrible.
  2. buddy

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    Feel better soon, Do you think you caught it easier because of the shot you got??? I am so sorry for you, I hope your boyfriend gets it. Sorry, I know that is mean.
  3. DDD

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    Sending gentle hugs your way. I firmly believe that stress results in vulnerability to illness. Sorry you are not getting the support that you deserve and hoping it passes soon. DDD
  4. DammitJanet

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    SM....I understand about idiot men. Mine acts like that a lot too. But for years he was really great about it but in the past year or so he has been steadily getting worse and worse. Its almost like he resents the fact that I am disabled. I truly think he does. Well I know he does because he is becoming very disabled himself and its scaring the koi out of him because he knows that if he goes down we are sunk so he takes it out on me. Doesnt make it any better though.
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    Well, I am keeping you in my thoughts and hope you feel better really soon! I work at a daycare center and we get to see all the funky illnesses often before other people do...there is A LOT of bad stuff going around.

    Take really good care and keep us posted!
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    Hope you're feeling better soon!
  7. HaoZi

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    Hope you're feeling better soon!
  8. Hound dog

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    I'm not going to hope boyfriend gets it (although it would serve him right) because then he'd expect you to baby him sick or not.

    Time to take care of YOU. Plenty of rest, plenty of fluids. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. hearts and roses

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    Yeah, I hope boyfriend doesn't get it either, because Lisa's right-he'd be big baby!

    I do hope your feeling better today and have a speedy recovery. I wish you had more support, it would help with the stress and vulnerability to infections. Big hugs.
  10. southermama3

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    Thank you all!

    "it's almost like he resents the fact that I am disabled"
    PRECISELY!! He thinks I over react and then it leaves me wondering "omg is this in my head?"

    He came in here yesterday bc I was sleeping off and on and started a argument bc I asked him to go get me a few items from the drug store. I felt so bad all I did was sit there and cry. He just stood there non chalantly. Then later insole me up wanting dinner and he was rough hitting me in the back and face. I finally had to scream stop that everytime he hit my body it hurt like bloody hell! He got mad and went off pouting.

    I was able to sleep last night bc I got my sleeping pills filled. I got up this morning and drank some juice. I also flushed my sinuses 3 times and I feel better but Lord my body hurts.y hands and feet are pretty swelled that means I have to go back on my steroids.

    I wished for once he would be good to me. Just once..
  11. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I'm sorry, maybe it was a spelling error or I misunderstood....but did you write that he woke you up by hitting you in the back and face? Wth is that about? Please clarify because that concerns me moreso than you having the flu.
  12. buddy

    buddy New Member

    I still hope he gets it and you wake him slapping his face and back, just to tell him you have to go out of town with the kids to see your mother or something LOL.

    Just kidding... I dont really wish anyone sick, but I do think he sounds abusive. I assume you mean the kind of "hit" that really is just a wake up pat??? If he was hitting you you need to call the police and press charges.

    The flu is nothing to mess with nor is RA. This guy needs a wake up call. It really sounds like you made your decision to leave so whenever your lease is up, and you find a place I hope you can move away from him. Can you ask him to move out? (If I lived with someone who was sick I wouldn't want them anywhere near my food... how silly is this dude?)
  13. pasajes4

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    Run do not walk to a Domestic Violence Shelter. You are in danger.
  14. southermama3

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    He was like rough housing around but he is 5 10 and weighs 265 and bench presses 250lbs. His rough housing is hard and I don't think he realizes it. When u have the flu ur body aches I know y'all know how it feels and having RA it's 100x's worse.

    My lease is up in august and I've already been approved for a town home very nice one across the street from me and I'm currently awaiting approval for gov assistance which I hope I get and not get denied bc of my disability check.

    He thinks I fake all of this. I truly believe the more behavior I see out of him the more I believe he is mentally depraved bc who in their right mind would treat someone they love the way he does me. It's turning into complete non sense!
  15. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    So basically, he's an insensitive, thoughtless clod then, right? My h can be vey clueless at times, but I really have to give him big kudos for stepping up to the plate while I'm recuperating, in terms of housework, etc. The only area in which he is lacking is cooking dinner, but we get by.

    So do you plan on taking that townhouse without boyfriend? Big gentle hugs, that is what you need. boyfriend should be drawing you a nice hot bath with some Epsom salts to soak and relieve some of your aches and pain, rubbing your feet, making you some soup.
  16. southermama3

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    Yeah my plan is already in motion to move out and be alone for once.

    I have yet to see him make me food or rub my back. He's selfish and insensitive to the CORE!

    However when he's sick I'm attentive and nurturing..just so I can walk away with a clean conscious.