*sigh* Wii is broken

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mamaof5, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I had no idea my Wii was broken, it won't read ANY discs including the three new ones the kids got for Christmas. Everything else works including internet wifi on it but the disc reader. I looked it up major issue was over heating and that's what causes it to not read discs. Not getting an error just won't read a single disc, not even dvd (to say wrong format) not even a music cd (again to say wrong format).

    Other than that, Christmas was actual not that bad at all. Only blow up was Big B with the Wii not working and driving Beaner nuts all day (typical sibling stuff though). Had a friend over for turkey dinner and I feel so stuffed I think I am going to "asplode" as the saying goes in LOLCatz.

    One episode with Wevil with the pepper shaker all over my living room and real surprise from the landlady - she bought me a cleaning lady service for a day!!! Wasn't expecting it because we've only known each other for a little over a month! I have to get her something to say thank you.

    Skyped Christmas morning with my sister and her hubby and 5 kids and my mom, everyone opened prezzies together - awesome that invention of skype!

    Now I'm settling in to a nice quiet evening. Only craptastic part is Hubby is working taxi tonight (don't worry he asked first, his co-worker's kids are in town for the weekend and poor guy couldn't find a soul to help take the shift - we decided to give him a little Christmas miracle gift).

    *sigh* Looks like I need a new Wii or to take it apart like I did the PS2 and see if I can fix it. Year's warranty was up today of all days...d'oh. I'm surprisingly not as upset as I think I should be about it though...huh maybe I'm just to full and tired to be.
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    Has it ever been cleaned? Might just need a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to clean the lens inside.
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    Sorry about the Wii :( It sounds like you found a way to have a Merry Christmas without it? I hope Big B found some Christmas joy.

    What a great thing you did for husband's co-worker! I all my years working, I had only one vacation request denied. I didn't mind though because EVERYONE else in the office was asking for it off to do family things - most had relatives coming in or they were going to relatives. It was a three days in the middle of the summer. It is a good feeling to know you are helping other families enjoy some time together.

    A cleaning lady service for a day would be AWESOME!!! What a great gift you received. :)

    We had a nice Christmas. Got our usual blow-up out of the way around noon. Diva then put on fb that she remembers why she hates holidays because people b**** and scream for no reason. To which I replied that there was a reason caused by children old enough to help who when given the smallest of tasks have to moan and groan about it causing mom to get very fed up and start to complain about her family. Things like me washing dishes and instead of "Here, let me help" it is, "WHEN is lunch going to be ready? I can't wait that long - make me something NOW!"(difficult child and I know that husband was thinking it) or just out right refusing to do anything like setting the table (again difficult child but Diva was doing something equally as disrespectful. Something to do with getting Christmas dishes out and saying we can't use them because they needed to be washed instead of bringing them to the kitchen and adding them to what I was washing at the moment). Didn't help that my left arm was going whacky and hurt to use it so I was trying to do as much right handed as possible. It did however give me the excuse to tell them that they HAD to help. That I was not carrying anything heavy or awkard or would be a disaster if dropped. I made Diva make the green bean casserole. Her fiance' made the meatballs as planned, and I made the salad. The blow up was shorter lived than usual this year and Diva and difficult child did their best to be more respectful the rest of the day so all is good. (I even overheard Diva's fiance scold her for arguing with her parents)

    Diva's fiance has been here for a few days. We have enjoyed having him around.

    I don't have Skype but facebook has been keeping me in touch with relatives and how things are going for my very sick grandma. I was able to share some special moments by things being posted that I would never have known about otherwise.
  4. Hound dog

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    Stinks about the wii. But dang! Why didn't I ever get a landlady like that??? What a super sweet thing to do! Sounds like an over all great day. :)
  5. Mamaof5

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    haozi (hope I got that right) I was contemplating it, everything else works and it was in a box for 6 months because of disrespectful lack of taking care of the gaming unit by Big B. My first thought was needs to be cleaned out. I'll be picking up a cleaning kit and a can of compressed air to try that first. Last resort will be pulling it apart and cleaning the lens with a q-tip.

    The cleaning service I was so utterly not expecting. Landlady is only 37 yrs old and already owns 6 properties not including her own house. She's smart as a whip that one and works for one of the local lawyer's offices. She's very well off BUT does not let it get to her head. She's down to earth and swears worse than I do (I'm Quebecer, I swear like a sailor lol). I love this lady, she's a darling all the way with a capital D!

    Had Big B run over the lasagna we made for the old man across the street, he's a veteran and doesn't have much in the way of family to celebrate the holidays with and he was a sweetie bringing the animals Christmas treats. Apparently does this for all the animals on the block for Christmas. Tells me he doesn't have visitors much for the holidays. He was pleased and told Big B thank you so many times it took B an extra 10 minutes to get back to our place (right across from us) lol. I guess he wasn't expecting the return sentiment of a gift at all. I saw the beaming smile all the way across the street in my dining room window.

    The Co-worker had a great time with his kids and was so happy that he checked up on Hubby over the course of the night to keep saying thanks for taking his shift. I like doing stuff like that for people, it's the simple little pleasantries and respect given to others that make it worth while. The smile in return is all I want back know what I mean. Warms my heart.

    The Wii was a minor set back honestly, not something to lose your cool over. I'll find a way to either fix it or I'll set up our PS2 and reburn a couple of the old games that don't work. We have a modified PS2 (bought it second hand like that) but I prefer to buy my games because I know what I'm getting in quality buying the game. I'll just replace the ones that I did buy in the past and burn those only (I don't like taking what's not mine to take).

    I think once I clean it up the Wii will work again.

    Christmas was surprisingly very nice!!! Less stressful than I remember it and I actually got into it a bit (I usually HATE Christmas and the holidays because of old nasty and ugly childhood memories). I think I just decided this year that it wasn't worth letting old wounds destroy new and improved, better memories to replace the **** ones from the past. Why let people kill the joy every year. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I lost my grandmother last month, rather expectantly, we weren't close and I regret that. I also regret how short life can be and how all of a sudden we may not have the time to make things right.

    Feeling pretty philosophical today, calm, quiet inner self. I used Star's "NOT AVAILABLE" from my other post this afternoon taking a bath with my Christmas goodies I got. Told the whole household to suck a duck and leave me alone for an hour.

    Oh, and the poor 3 year old. I swear the worse **** happens to that poor little guy (Boo Boo). He was running around in the nakkies (nude) airing out his tushies and he jumped on Big B's back, fell off and whacked, of all things, his penis on the floor and tore his foreskin at the frenellum. HOLY HANNAH, the blood and screaming. He's not swollen now, and peeing is fine and he's okay. Just a little sore to the touch and he occasionally relives the moment with "mommy I broke my pee pee" every so often. Poor little dude, nothing is worse though than the time mommy was holding the toilet seat for him and it slipped out of my fingers and squished his little guy while trying to toilet train the boy. It set us back a whole 6 months because he was afraid of the toilet after that.
  6. Wiped Out

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    Yuck about the Wii (my difficult child ended up with a Wii game that didn't work-thankfully it is now exchanged and the new one is working). The rest of your day sounds wonderful!
  7. lmf64

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    Call Nintendo. The same thing happened to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and they replaced the entire system along with sending them a couple of new games for the inconvenience.
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    Look up the website for wii, I can't remember if my warranty was up when ours broke, but I paid a fee, they sent a label, I but it in the mail to them and I had it back within 10 days, fixed and working fine.