Signorina...are you out there?


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LMS, Signorina has chosen to delete her registration. She is fine but felt it was time to leave our community. I miss her too but trust she is doing well.


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I am sorry she left...she had a lot of good nuggets of wisdom. Hopefully this means her difficult child is doing well,


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I am so very sorry to hear this as I too felt like our Sig was a very wise contributing member of our community. And...I don't handle loss very well.

Sig, if you're reading this please know I wish you ALL the best. I keep the story by Rabbi Edwin Friedman in the "notes" section of my phone. I have read this piece that you posted to me many many times and it truly helps to remind me of my own journey and the choices my difficult child's have made.

Again, I am very sorry to lose you Sig. You will be sorely missed.