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  1. Lothlorien

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    I can tell when she has something with food coloring....ultimately we have rages. She just had one....she's being overly emotional, difficult and oppositional. I sent her to her room......rages.

    I had her appoligize to the girl who's watching them while I work and told the girl this is what happens. This is the first time she has seen Missy like this. I told her that I suspected that it was because Missy had something she wasn't supposed to. I asked Missy and fortunately, she didn't lie. She fessed up to having a blue lollipop. Corn syrup and food coloring. Corn syrup makes her over-emotional and hyper. The food coloring makes her rage.

    She has been doing sneaky things lately. It's bugging me. She keeps getting caught, so I hope that she realizes soon, that when she's sneaky, she gets into trouble.

    I didn't punish her for the lollipop, since she told me the truth. She was sent to her room for the behavior....I think that was punishement enough (I hope).

    On a side punishments, I've been making her write things like "I will not be sneaky" or I will not hurt my brother. Her handwriting has gotten much better. :smile:
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    I hope the cause & effect kicks in for difficult child soon. It's so hard to see our difficult children do things/make choices that are not good for our little wonders.

    Both kt & wm do a lot of writing of notes of apology & such. It's almost to the point where it no longer makes an impact - on them or the person they are apologizing to.
  3. DammitJanet

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    Poor you...poor missy.

    Are there any lollypops that are dye free and made with anything besides corn syrup? I would be fairly sure that they could come dye free but the other is probably harder.

    Im sure the behavior is driving you nutty.
  4. Lothlorien

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    Ya know Linda,
    She isn't writing apologies, just the same the over and over. I make her write one or two full pages of the same thing. I know the words probably aren't making that much of an impact, but the fact that she is sitting at the table, not buggin anyone or doing something negative is a Godsend. It takes her a long time to write it out, so she's being kept busy, being punished for her actions and her handwriting is benefiting from the actions. So despite the fact that the actual meaning of the words may not be getting through to her, there is a lot of benefits coming from that punishment.
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    At least you know the culprit, Loth. That's half the battle. I would be concerned for when she's older and can swing by any store on her own. I think you teaching her now is really important.

    Sorry she's raging, but I have to give her kudos for telling the truth. Where'd she get it at?

    Sending hugs. The rages are no fun.

  6. Lothlorien

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    Janet, no, unfortunately, I've looked into dye-free, but they all have corn syrup in them.

    Janna, she went to Karate yesterday with my girlfriend. They stopped at the bank. She got them there. I don't think my friend even knows she got them. Missy gave me two and said she got them for mighty mouse, but she had another one and ate it. Not sure when, I haven't asked her yet. I have to ask her if she has anymore that she's sneaked into her room.
  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Yeah I just looked ar our naturepops and they have corn syrup also... no dye but yes to the syrup, I will keep my eyes peeled. We are always looking for our difficult child...

    Well at least she is being honest with you, that is pretty darn cute in a difficult child!!! She is smart!!! although not smarter than Momma!!!
  8. DammitJanet

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    Does chocolate have corn syrup in it? Does it all have corn syrup in it? LOL. I dont know enough about the diets to be an intelligent help here but I have seen those chocolate pops on a stick that look like lollipops. Im just grasping at straws for something that could be a suitable treat for her.

    Well I just looked at the ingredients on a dove dark chocolate bar and they read: semisweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate processed with aklali, chocolate, cocoa butter, milkfat, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavors)

    Maybe you could make pops out of that?
  9. dreamer

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    Whew, does writing notes really work? I never could get mine to write post rage or meltdown. No way! It caused a whole new event on us, - very violent events.
  10. Lothlorien

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    Dreamer, no I don't do that after a rage....just when she's doing stuff that she's not supposed to and I think she needs to sit and have calm time.

    Janet, she gets candy. She gets chocolate just about every day. That's dessert before she goes to bed. She has to have it; it's like the unwritten rule, unless she's been unusually rotten that day.

    I keep regular stashes of treats around for her. Kozy Shack puddings have no corn syrup or food coloring, for example. She has never been deprived of goodies. I figure, if she has a regular stash of goodies, she won't feel deprived. I rarely give the bad stuff to Mighty Mouse, 'cause he gets hyper on it too, just not to the elevated difficult child status that she becomes. When he does get it, she's usually not around to feel deprived.

    My pastor's wife found all-natural food coloring, so I even make colored icing with whipped cream occasionally for her. I even made her an ice cream cake last year, since the ice cream stores usually use icing with corn syrup in it and she really wanted ice cream cake. I had 70 or so people over and they all were shocked that I actually made the cake.

    I make a 45 minute trip to a grocery store that is all natural about once every two months or so. I stock up on all natural snacks for her. So this kid has no reason to feel deprived.

    Usually, she's pretty good about not sneaking stuff, but lately, she's been doing sneaky stuff. I do get the truth out of her. She lied about something the other day, but I questioned her again, because it was something that was really bugging me and I told her that if she told the truth, she wouldn't get into trouble but it was really important that she tell me the truth. She did and it turned out to be a relief. I was really worried about something.
  11. DammitJanet

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    LOL...I wasnt thinking she was this deprived child. I guess its the grandma in me coming out...

    I want to feed everyone goodies for some reason...

    The cake sounds yummy by the way. I love whipped cream icing.

    Be glad Im not around or I would be sneaking with her...lmao.
  12. dreamer

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    I very much dislike frosting, but I love whipped cream on a cake. YUMMY. I am not sure if cake mixes have corn syrup and artificial food dyes, but, LOL........if it had whipped cream instead of frosting, I prolly would snatch some! LOL (and yes, I mean REAL whipped cream, not artificial, I do not like cool whip etc YUK)
  13. Lothlorien

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    I only make the real stuff, in my house. One of the favs in my house is homemade belgian waffles with strawberries, bannanas and fresh homemade whipped cream. I grew up with the real stuff, so I've never really been a fan of Cool Whip and stuff, but it has corn syrup....can't figure why, they freeze it for goodness sakes.

    I make homemade ice cream alot in the summer. The kids love it.
  14. neednewtechnique

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    Have you looked into the sugar free candies and suckers they make for diabetics?? I have not looked at the label closely enough to determine if they have ANY corn syrup, but I know if they do, it ISN"T the high fructose corn syrup, because that is what sets diabetics into shock.......
    I have eaten these candies myself, and offered them to my children as a sugar-free alternative to regular candy, and believe it or not, I PERSONALLY like the taste of them MORE than I do a regular piece of candy or a sucker. It may be worth a shot, if she insists that suckers and hard candies are more interesting to her than the alternative snack foods that she is allowed to have.
  15. Marguerite

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    One thing to watch with diabetic lollies - if they have Isomalt in them you can't eat much of it because it causes diarrhoea. It's not toxic or anything, it's an optical isomer (same molecule but mirror image) of sucrose so it tastes like sugar but your body doesn't recognise it (other than taste) or metabolise it. As a result you have a sugar concentration in the GI tract that can't get absorbed so you get an osmotic effect, stopping water being absorbed from the gut and as a result - diarrhoea.

    One of our family's favourite cakes was a walnut & zucchini cake from a shop where they used sour cream instead of ordinary cream, for the frosting. It also had coffee and chocolate in it, maybe you could play with that.

    I also have a great recipe for lollipops made from pure fruit juice, sugar and instead of corn syrup they use glucose. The purpose of either the corn syrup or the glucose is to stop crystallisation. You don't want big crystals of sugar making it taste grainy. This gets cooked to the hard crack stage (290 - 300F) and then it's poured onto a marble slab to set. That's when you can put little sticks in it, or instead just use them as fruit drops.

    Recipe - cook fruit until the juice separates form the fruit. Strain it and then boil it with sugar and glucose until you get the right temp. Quantities - 250 g sugar, 6 tablespoons juice, 2 teaspoons liquid glucose.

    From what I can see in my book, you should be able to substitute liquid glucose for corn syrup and get the same effect. In Australia we use cane sugar and also have stuff called Golden Syrup, which also comes from sugar cane, and can also be substituted for corn syrup. It has a strong flavour though, a sort of butterscotch flavour (we call it Cocky's Joy).

    Or you can do a sort of pulled toffee and make boiled lollies, using fruit juice flavours. Or use peppermint oil and natural red colour to make bull's eyes.

    I have a book full of recipes for lollies, if you want some more ideas. In Australia we find it moderately difficult to get corn syrup. A lot of processed foods, especially imported food, has it as an ingredient, though.

  16. Lothlorien

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    Marg, I would love the name of the recipe book. Maybe I can find it. I don't know where I would find liquid glucose, though.
  17. rejectedmom

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    Here is a link I found for a company who will ship anywhere in the world.

    It is expensive due to the tarrifs though. The other thing you might try is asking your druggist if he can get it for you. -RM