So what gives? Update on pelvic ultrasound

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Mar 7, 2008.

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    Okay, my Dr's office just called and said my pelvic ultrasound was perfectly normal.

    OoooOOOooookay. Now what? It's not normal to have pinching pain above my pubic bone. Nor is it normal to have pain during sex (sorry, that may be too much information, but I'm so frustrated; not sexually, but with the results...badumbump, tsh!).

    I've researched this extensively and all the tests I've had in relation to this have come back mostly normal. So, how what do I do? Just live with it? This bites. And my DR's receptionist is always a little snappy with me, as if I'm exasperating because I ask too many questions. Well, too bad, this is my health! Just a vent.
  2. Shari

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    I assume they've looked at endo? sometimes it takes a laproscope to see it, it often doesn't show even on pelvic ultrasounds.
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    I have a suggestion for you. One that I have found to be better than talking to the doctor's nurse or snotty guard dog of a secretary (should be shot and beheaded at dawn in most offices) -

    Type out in 1. 2. 3. fashion your concerns. Before each number make a BOX like so [ ] for the doctor and you to check off as he has time to answer. Fax it to the office.

    If he looks at your list of concerns and makes an appointment instead - then take the list with you and make sure each of your concerns are checked off BEFORE You go.

    I used this - and because of overlapping complications in my health it assures me that at least MY questions are addressed - and in some cases gives the doctor TIME to answer them with the knowledge he needs to make me feel safe. I pay him - he does NOT pay me.
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    Daisy has great advice. I am going to use it with my rheumy. He is so very wonderful, but his staff has gone downhill. They just told me they called on certain dates to set up a test. didn't happen. No calls in my caller id on home phone or cell. So I will fax things too!

    Also, Shari is totally right. Endometriosis is NOT visible on ultrasound or Xray. I have a friend who just had a hysterectomy after a LIFETIME of horrible painful periods. Her entire insides were covered with endo. Even other organs. They did what they could. It is better.

    Until they GO IN physically, they won't see endometriosis.

    I am sorry about the snippy clerical staff. YOU pay them, they are there as a convenience to YOU. They, unlike N and Tink, are NOT all that. And so not anymore than that either!

    Hugs, sweetie,