Some of your difficult child's may get some benefit from this

As I read through some of your threads, this poem came to mind. For all difficult child's so called "friends."

How Many Friends Have You?

The old man turned to me and asked,
"how many friends have you?"
Why, ten or twenty friends have I,
and named off just a few.
He rose quite slow with effort and sadly shook his head.
"A lucky child are you to have so many friends," he said.
But think what you are saying, there is much that you don't know,
a friend is not just anyone to whom you say "Hello."
A friend's a tender shoulder on which to softly cry,
a well to pour your troubles down, and raise your spirits high.
A friend's a hand to pull you up from darkness and despair,
when all your other so-called friends have helped to put you there.
A true friend is an ally, who can't be moved or bought.
A voice to keep your name alive when others have forgot.
But most of all, a friend's a heart, a strong and sturdy wall,
for from the heart of friends there comes the greatest love of all.
So think of what I've spoken, for every word is true,
and answer once again my child, "How many friends have you?"
And then he stood and faced me, awaiting my reply.
Soft and sad I answered, "If lucky, one have I."

Author Unknown


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Thanks. My daughter's bedroom walls are covered with "poems and quotes" (some of which I don't care for). I think I am going to print this out and add it to her wall, see if she notices!

brady bunch mom

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Thats good. Thanks /importthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif You should post in in General too.

cofarr, I had all sorts of stuff on my walls my mom hated...Thats a teen thing.

Now I have stickers that should be on my car that she hates. They say:
"We are the people our parents warned us about" and "Normal People Worry Me" :eek: Thats a rebellious thing (yea, still got that streak)