some progress (finally)



OK we had our 3 hour evaluation for day program today. I swear sometimes I feel like a tape recorder always repeating everything over and over and over again. He should be starting Wed. They will get back to me about transportation 2morrow hopefully. The psychiatrist mentioned Lithium and I cringed, I really don't want to go down that road, and I let her know it too. :doctor:

D/H seems to be doing ok, although he snapped at me about not having any underwear, and I reminded him that the wash is all clean in the basement, but I still have an ankle in a brace and can not carry baskets up 2 flights of stairs. He is on Family Leave this week after he finally went into work and they told him to go home, because he was such a mess. But he's been dry for going on 8 days (knock knock) :bravo:

difficult child I aka Mcsnotty is still refusing to get a job, but went with d/h to his counseling apt today. I am about to lease him out for slave labor if I can. Otherwise he'll be living with my parents over the summer because he refuses to even try to get along with difficult child II, he just won't walk away and constantly sets him off. :crazy:



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Great! So did you find someone to pay for the day program?

Glad to hear husband is still dry! That's wonderful!!! :smile: