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At work we have a Sunshine fund, we buy breakfast once a month and we send flowers of condolences and good cheer as well. All employees contribute if they wish. Two ladies are in charge of it. One lady does the money and the other confided in me about how the funds are being mismanaged, also everything is going through the first lady's personal bank account. She told me about silly purchases and how she doesn't want to be blamed when we run out before the end of the year. There is more than I am writing here, possible theft.I wrote an anonymous note about what I heard and now I regret it. The two ladies were confronted, I am sure the one lady will know it's me who wrote it because they were her words to me. She won't be in trouble though. I'm afraid I'm causing drama, I did say , "I heard..." I feel so bad now for putting people in this position. What would you have done?


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The horse is already out of the gate. The only thing you can do is wait and see how it plays out.

I don't know if I would have said anything. I am a coward.


Absolutely something should have been said! At least a policy could now include receipts.....We had a cheating fraud thing going on at, wait for it...Basket Bunco! I was shocked..but when these things go on too long many people are hurt.


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I can understand how you feel but I agree with both PASA and mof.

You spoke from a sense of responsibility, and I think probably to protect the innocent of the two women. The 2nd woman really burdened you with the responsibility to speak, preferring to avoid discomfort. Instead, it seems you took the hit. You did this because this is who you are. Responsible and clear.

Of course it can be uncomfortable to be direct and true. But is it wrong? I do not think so. Thus to mof's point: you may have indeed protected colleague number 1, from even greater harm. And you certainly spoke up for colleague number 2, as well as the group at large.

That said, it is uncomfortable. But It is not wrong.

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You did the right thing. The company I work for, we have to take ethic's training every quarter and one thing that is clear, if you see or know of someone who is being unethical it is to be reported. If I knew of something like this and didn't report I could be fired.
I work in finance and if we have to have clear separation of duties. I love the idea of what you guys do but I would make sure it is not run through someone's personal bank account. You can set up an account just for your fund. I would also suggest that whoever "handles" the money is not the same person balancing the books. Make sure all receipts for purchases are given to that person so they can match them up with the bank statement.