Sometimes I LOVE facebook!


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OK we all know about the times we hate FB and feel we should stop looking at it.... but sometimes we see something good on it. As I have mentioned my son and his girlfriend broke up.... and today this is what he posted on FB. I cant tell you happy I am about this post. I really think he is getting to a different place!!

Goodbyes are often difficult for me.
They have brought me to my knees, opened the flood gates, and had me wiping my feet on death's door mat, ready to enter his realm.
I am one who believes in reality, as well as being aware and accountable to my character flaws.
Today I can see my faults and mistakes. I claim them, and learn from them.
No less than a year ago this situation would have ruined me.
But today I will be okay.
You are leaving me.
And I will miss you.
Little things will remind me of you. ‪#‎pinklighters‬.
But i will not let it destroy me. I will grit my teeth, mourn this loss and regather myself.
I will not numb myself.
I will not deteriorate.
And I will add no more scars.
I will don armor and take on this world. No matter what sort of assaults it throws at me.
Im about to see a million things
I've thought Id never seen before and I,
Im about to do all of the things I dreamed of
And I dont even miss you at all


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Oh TL that is so encouraging. He sounds like he is in a good place. It's so great to hear his self reflection and recognition of his weaknesses and verbalize his strength. The next few weeks/months will be crucial and I will send all the positive energy I can that he continues to be strong and move forward with his life.

Thanks for sharing this. From one who has had her share of reading bad news on facebook, it's nice to read the good.


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Not trying to be a doomsayer but take it with a grain of salt. If he knows you read his FB posts that particular one could have been for your benefit and not legitimate. But here's to hoping it is!


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Oh, it's so beautifully positive.
I wish I could send it to my daughter who is still struggling with the love she had for her ex boyfriend. What an awesome attitude he has.
I believe he's on his way toward healing!


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Jabberwockey, Dont worry one thing I have learned is that it is one step of a time in good times as well as the bed....So I am happy for today but I know it could all change in an instant. The thing is he does not usually fake doing well when he is not. After past break ups he has gotten suicidal and ended up in the hospital. So I do believe this is from the heart and the fact that he feels that way for today is a huge huge step forward.