Son getting high


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He got up to go to work and agreed he would call rehab afterwards.
I think you need a Plan B in case (likely in my experience) he does not follow through calling Rehab?
He was going to do what he wants
This is the way of the world.

Until he wants it, to stop, he will keep doing it. Irregardless of the consequences or what you say or do.

The only thing you can do, as I see it, is to NOT offer him the safe haven or support so he can do this conveniently and comfortably in your home.

You have pointed him in the direction of ALL that he needs to make this right: work, NA, Rehab. You need to prepare yourself for the next step. Which is centered in you and which is the hardest thing of all. Detachment.

He has his manifesto: It's my body and I'll do what I want with it.

He's right. What in the world can we do?

I am in the same spot. Just different particulars. The only recourse we have is acceptance and to begin to center recovery in ourselves. This is what this site is about. How to learn to do those two things. Acceptance and letting go. And recovering ourselves.


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He called and made every excuse not to go in. Said the guy is an :censored2:. Then said he’d call back. Next excuse was he needed to go to a crisis center which he already did & they turned him out, so he’s stuck. I told him to call another number. On no! I don’t know what I’m talking about! And he says he’s not leaving his job. Through all this... he stops going to any NA meetings. I then told him he needs to move and gave him some places to call. He didn’t call. So I just gave him a 60 day notice to quit(an eviction notice). I want him to know I’m serious I’m then going to give a 30 day and file with the court and have a sheriff remove him after the 30. It’s on the grounds on him self harming, damaging my property, dirtying my property & bad influence on a minor in the home. this momma is done!