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    My son was released from Juvenile Detention, he was released to his grandparents which his dad did not like at all.Judge said it would be temporary, 30 days while they both attend counseling & work there issues out before returning back home to him.They did put my son on house arrest & he has to attend a youth program everyday, they pick him up a hour after school & he stays there till 9pm , then they drop him back off to his grandparents . Program is for at risk youths.I think this is good for him. I called him today to see how it went but he did not call me back , it did bother me a lot because when he was locked up he would call me 3x a day but now he won’t return my call but I guess that should be expected, why I thought differently I don’t know. Anyways glad he’s back & I just pray & hope he has changed or wants to change. Judge told him if he gets in any trouble in these 30 days or does not follow the rules of house arrest they will lock him up till he’s 18teen
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    Initially it did not seem it would be good for him to be with his grandparents but with all these boundaries in place it could work.

    I hope that he learns from all of this and changes his ways. It's best they do it while they are young but that is not always the case (as with my son).

    Do not blame yourself for any of this. You have been a great support to him during all of this.
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    Hi Helpless

    It sounds as if this is between the judge and your son. Which sounds good. I think your son feels he's got all the power with his Dad and with you. Let's see what he does now. The ball is in his court. I agree with RN. With all of this structure, his decisions will be very clearly seen and responded to.

    Your son is probably pissed, because he is on a short leash. I would try very hard to not take this personally. Everybody wants the same thing. That he walk the walk. Right now he's got it all spelled out for him. He will decide this.

    In some ways it sounds like a better arrangement than it would be with his Dad. It seems there is so much conflict in that relationship and that your son is almost triggered by it, and becomes rebellious and defiant. But you are out of it, really, as is his Dad for now. Which may not be a bad thing. Good luck.
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    All you can do now it hope for the best. It is on your son to follow the rules that the judge set or suffer the consequences.

    I would wait and let him reach out to you. You are giving him the power to ignore you.


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